Lola Brooke, Toosii, DUBG3 & More Organize Turkey Giveaways As Food Costs Soar

Lola Brooke, Toosii, DUBG3 & More Organize Turkey Giveaways As Food Costs Soar

Thanksgiving is approaching, and rappers are making a difference by hosting turkey giveaways. With food prices rising, artists like Lola Brooke, Toosii, DUBG3, and others are stepping up to ensure that families in need can enjoy a Thanksgiving meal. 

Hip-Hop Turkey Giveaways 2023

For the upcoming holiday, SOHH highlights the turkey drives organized by these artists and their impact on their communities.


DUBG3, a 12-year-old rap and football prodigy from Dallas, uses his platform to make a difference in his community. 

As part of his Age Appropriate Movement, the Dallas native, along with support from legendary music executive Tony Draper and others, will be hosting a turkey drive in his hometown on November 21. Working with local organizations and businesses like Williams Smokehouse BBQ and Blues and Gordon Food Service, DUBG3 aims to distribute free turkeys and fixings to those in need on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Lola Brooke 

Lola Brooke, New York City restaurant Sei Less, and fellow rapper Bleezy have joined forces to impact Thanksgiving positively. 

The duo hosted a Thanksgiving meal at the Children of Promise organization in Brooklyn on November 20, serving approximately 150-200 youth between the ages of 6 and 18, whose parents have been impacted by the criminal justice system. With a wide range of dishes from Sei Less, a renowned Asian Fusion restaurant frequented by celebrities, Lola and Sei Less co-owner Dara Mirjahangiry provided a memorable dining experience for young individuals.

Rappers of 1017 

Artists signed to Gucci Mane’s label, 1017, are making a difference in their hometowns with turkey giveaways. Li Rye organized a turkey giveaway in Mobile, Alabama, on November 20, with the event promoted by local radio station 93 BLX. Mac Critter is volunteering at his church in North Memphis, helping them distribute turkeys to the community on November 18. 

Additionally, fellow Memphis rapper Sett is hosting a turkey drive in the South Vegas area of Memphis on November 21. These rappers are using their platforms to support their communities and ensure that needy families can enjoy a Thanksgiving meal.

Young Dolph’s IdaMae Foundation and Paper Route Empire 

The late Memphis rapper Young Dolph’s foundation, the IdaMae Foundation, and his label, Paper Route Empire, continue to honor his legacy through their annual “Dolph Day.” 

On November 17, “Dolph Day,” they included turkey drives, community dinners, and donations in Young Dolph’s hometown of Memphis, as well as in Chicago and Atlanta. These initiatives aim to support needy families and bring some holiday joy to the communities that the late rapper held dear.

As Gucci Mane’s artists and Young Dolph’s foundation give back, the 1017 Records CEO recently honored the late Young Dolph in his latest project. Young Dolph,  a fellow rapper and friend of Gucci Mane, was featured on Gucci’s latest album, Breath of Fresh Air.


North Carolina rapper/singer Toosii recently held a turkey drive in his hometown of Raleigh. 

On November 13, over 100 turkeys were given away at a local church, with Toosii emphasizing the importance of giving back to his community. Attendees expressed their gratitude and took pictures with the rapper, showing their appreciation for the turkey giveaway.

Dr. Umar Calls Out Rappers Who Do Turkey Giveaways

While rappers often give back during the holidays, there are differing opinions about the impact of these giveaways. In a recent interview, activist/psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson voiced his frustration with rappers hosting turkey drives in Black communities while simultaneously promoting violent lyrics in their music.

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