J.J. Fad Says “Stop Leaving Us Out Of The Females In Hip Hop Conversation!”

J.J. Fad Says “Stop Leaving Us Out Of The Females In Hip Hop Conversation!”

J.J. Fad, the iconic female rap group from the 1980s, recently expressed frustration about being left out of the conversation regarding hip-hop recognition. In a passionate rant, the group reminded everyone that despite their massive crossover pop hit, they are undeniably a part of hip-hop’s legacy and deserve acknowledgment for their contributions to the genre.

J.J. Fad Speaks Out

On July 25, J.J. Fad took to Twitter to express their frustration about being left out of the females in hip-hop conversation. The group tweeted:

“Please don’t get it twisted! Just because we had a big crossover (pop) hit does not mean we are NOT Hip Hop!! We were Produced by hip hop producers, and on Ruthless Record’s a Hip Hop label, which by the way we helped get on the map!! Geesh, stop leaving us out of the females in hip hop conversation!! Did I mention Grammy nominated and platinum selling”

With hip-hop’s 50th year being celebrated, J.J. Fad reflected upon their significance to the genre. They were Grammy-nominated and achieved platinum-selling success, making their mark during a time when female voices in hip-hop were not as prominently heard as they are today.

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