Ice Cube Bashes Obama Presidency, Black Lives Matter, and COVID Vaccinations in Candid Interview

Ice Cube Bashes Obama Presidency, Black Lives Matter, and COVID Vaccinations in Candid Interview

Renowned rapper and producer Ice Cube recently sat down with former Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson on his new Twitter show, Tucker on Twitter, to discuss his candid thoughts on former President Barack Obama, the Black Lives Matter movement, and his opposition toward COVID vaccinations.

Ice Cube Says Obama Presidency, BLM Didn’t Benefit His People 

Addressing Obama’s presidency, Ice Cube expressed how “proud” he was that America elected its first Black president. He revealed, he thought “this guy is gonna be the guy.” However, disappointingly he stated,  “not much changed for people I know”.  In regard to Black Lives Matter, Cube felt the same way. 

Cube also stated that Obama’s presidency was just like prior presidencies stating, “at the end of the day, it’s still the same results.”  

“Politicians have hidden agendas….”

The former NWA rapper then expressed that politicians tend to prioritize special interests and those financially support them, stating, “Politicians only pay attention to people who give them money.” The rap legend further stated, “Everybody else is kind of an extra in their movie – ‘we love you in the scene but we can do the scene without you’ ”.

When Carlson asked, “Do you ever give money to politicians?” Cube replies with a firm, “No,” before stating, “I don’t believe in politicians. Politicians have hidden agendas… the more money you give them, the more they listen to you”.

Ice Cube Explains Opposition to Covid Vaccine

Regarding the COVID vaccine, Ice Cube revealed his opposition, stating, “I never wanted to be controlled”. He expressed skepticism about the rushed timeline for vaccine development, stating, “It wasn’t ready. It was six months, kind of a rush job. And I didn’t feel safe”. 

This stands in contrast to the CDC’s declaration that over 670 million doses of the vaccine administered between December 2020 and March 2023 were “safe and effective”.

Reactions Support “Right Winger” Ice Cube

The rapper’s comments generated mixed reactions from fans and the public. Some supported his right to express his views, while others criticized his stance on vaccinations and politics. 

@blackintheempir wrote, “I told you Ice Cube is a right winger. He had a conversation with the baddy bad people, cuz he’s not good like us. He can’t sit at our lunch table until he obeys teacher and do what he’s told, cuz we change the world by only talking to each other about being morally superior.”

@MrNobod25302774 agreed with Cube, saying “Entrepreneurial blacks, real community leaders and honest citizens KNOW that the political structures ON BOTH SIDES have screwed them for 150 years. Stop voting for ANY person who just uses you when they need your vote but forget you afterwards”. 

Controversial Cube Blasts Biden, NBA, and Kanye West

Throughout his three-decade rap career, the Compton rap icon has never been afraid to voice his opinions.  Cube has a history of criticizing politicians and power structures through his music, namely his NWA hit, ‘Fuck Tha Police.”

Recently, he spoke out on Twitter about the NBA allegedly working against his Big3 basketball league that he founded.  The rapper also called out Kanye West, who said he was inspired by him to make statements some labeled “anti-semitic.”  Cube also called out President Joe Biden for not meeting with him to discuss his contract for Black America.​​

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