‘Evil’ Canceled: Katja Herber Speaks Out

‘Evil’ Canceled: Katja Herber Speaks Out

Last month, Paramount+ announced that Evil will not be renewed after its upcoming season ends, but star Katja Herbers is not giving up. On the day that the cancellation was announced, Herbers made a post asking Netflix if the company would try to pick up the show for more seasons. Herbers deleted her post a few hours later, but fans online are still holding onto the idea.

“We’re all super sad [Paramount+] has decided Season 4 is our last,” Herbers’ post read, according to a report by Deadline. “[Netflix,] u up? Care to snatch up the goods??” Evil premiered on CBS in 2019, but soon moved from the network over to the in-house streaming service. It is a supernatural drama series about a team of scientists hired by the Catholic church to investigation alleged paranormal phenomena. Season 4 premieres on Paramount+ in may, but on the same day that the new trailer dropped, the company announced that the show would have to end here. 

Paramount+ executive Jeff Grossman gave a statement to Deadline, saying: “Robert and Michelle King created a unique and deeply entertaining way of exploring the intersection of religion and science. We thank Robert, Michelle and the immensely talented cast and crew of Evil and are incredibly proud of their collective work on the series. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for these characters, in what is sure to be a nail-biting, wild ride of a final season.”

Robert and Michelle themselves said: “We want to thank Paramount+ for giving us four bonus episodes to end Evil in the world in style. We will miss this show and cast. In many ways it was a dream project, but sadly evil will outlast Evil. See you in May.”

It’s not uncommon these days for one streamer to pick up a show that another streamer has canceled – and it’s even more common for fans to campaign for their favorite show to be rescued. However, the particulars of those deals are very intricate, involving the various studios that produce and distribute the shows. There’s no hint of Evil getting picked up somewhere else at the time of this writing. The first three seasons are streaming now on Paramount+. Season 4 premieres there in May.


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