Rockstar Reveals Psychosis Diagnosis Brought on by Bad Reaction to Medication

Rockstar Reveals Psychosis Diagnosis Brought on by Bad Reaction to Medication

Cage the Elephant frontman Matt Schultz is finally speaking out about his mental health struggles spiraling out of his arrest one year ago. In a lengthy statement posted to social media, Schultz reveals his arrest saved his life.

“It’s a miracle that I’m here today. I was arrested last year, and it undoubtedly saved my life. After my arrest, I went to the hospital for two months followed by months of outpatient treatment. I can finally explain what happened,” Schultz wrote. “Over the last three years, I was unknowingly fighting my way through an utter mental health crisis. I had slipped into psychosis due to an iatrogenic response to a medication I was once prescribed.

“It took the love and support of my brothers in the band, my community, and, most of all, my wife Eva to get me through it,” Schultz continued. “Eva stayed by my side, and she saved my life countless times. To say she is a warrior and a queen is an understatement.”

He also credits his wife for helping him to regain a “grip on reality” on the road to full recovery. Schultz also reiterated his thanks to his entire social circle, posting another thank you to close out the post.

Schultz was arrested one year ago in New York City after witnesses called police over a person with a weapon inside the Bowery Hotel. He reportedly pulled the gun out in a public part of the hotel and was found in possession of two firearms, 11 Polaroid photos of the weapons, and notes reading that Schultz “will protect myself if attacked.”

Cage the Elephant returned earlier in 2024 with their first song in five years, titled “Neon Pill.” It is also the band’s first new music since 2019.


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