Drake & 21 Savage’s “It’s All A Blur” Tour: Lil Yachty & Sexxy Red Steal The Show

Drake & 21 Savage’s “It’s All A Blur” Tour: Lil Yachty & Sexxy Red Steal The Show

Drake’s “It’s All A Blur” Tour has been the talk of the town, and the rapper’s latest show in Brooklyn was no exception. Night two of the tour brought excitement as Drizzy brought out the well-known artist, actor, songwriter, and producer Lil Yachty to the stage, delighting fans with a surprise.

Drake Meets His “Rightful” Wife

However, it wasn’t just Lil Yachty who stole the spotlight that night. Drake made headlines once again when he introduced his newly found relationship with the up-and-coming female rapper, Sexxy Red. The “Poundtown” sensation was seen backstage with the “Nice For What” rapper, and the two appeared to be quite cozy. 

Drake even took to Instagram to post a picture of him kissing Sexxy Red on the cheek, along with the caption, “Just met my rightful wife.”

The social media frenzy didn’t end there, as the Canadian artist shared another image on the Jumbotron of him pecking Sexxy Red on the cheek during the show. 

Social Media Chatter

Fans couldn’t help but chime in on Twitter, expressing their mixed reactions to the new romance. Some fans showed their support, while others raised eyebrows and questioned the age difference between the two artists. 

One tweet read, “Drake almost 40 and he out here going for a girl that was just born,” while another user commented, “Drake, you can do better than that.”

Despite the social media chatter, Drake and 21 Savage’s “It’s All A Blur” Tour continues to dominate, thrilling audiences with surprise guests and captivating performances. The tour, a collaboration between Drake and the Atlanta rapper 21 Savage, is packed with an extensive schedule that will run until its conclusion on October 9 in Columbus, Ohio.

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Drake Debuts Nike NOCTA Hot Step 2 On “It’s All A Blur” Tour, Teases Upcoming Project “For All the Dogs”

Drake’s highly anticipated “It’s All All Blur” Tour kicked off in Chicago, leaving fans buzzing. The multi-talented rapper surprised the audience with an unreleased Nike NOCTA Hot Step 2 sneaker. Drizzy also announced his forthcoming project, “For All All Dogs,” promising a return to his signature style. 

Drake Unveils Nike NOCTA Hot Step 2

The atmosphere was electric as the “God’s Plan” rapper took the stage in Chicago, captivating the crowd with his dynamic presence. However, it was his footwear choice that stole the spotlight. 

The rapper showcased the exclusive Nike NOCTA Hot Step 2 sneaker, providing the audience with a first look at the vibrant design. 

The shoes featured a striking neon orange body, complemented by metallic highlights and eye-catching green streaks. The debut left fans eagerly anticipating the release of this exciting collaboration between Drake and Nike

Drake’s “For All the Dogs” Project Announcement

Amidst the enthusiasm of the “It’s All A Blur” Tour, Drake had a surprise for his Detroit audience. He paused the show to share that he’s currently working on a new project titled, “For All the Dogs,” scheduled for release later this year. 

Drake expressed his intention to deliver the sound fans have longed for, harking back to his earlier works of the “old Drake.” The announcement was met with thunderous applause, signifying the anticipation surrounding this upcoming album.

A Collaboration With Nicki Minaj

Drake couldn’t contain his excitement during the same Detroit show and shared another revelation. He disclosed that his former Young Money collaborator, the Queen of Rap, Nicki Minaj, would be featured on his new album. 

The crowd erupted joyfully as the Toronto artist expressed his love for Detroit and previewed the collaborative magic fans can expect on “For All the Dogs.” 

Drake’s “It’s All A Blur” tour has been a resounding success, with fans eagerly embracing the experience. The show’s conclusion was marked by enthusiastic admiration from his female fans, who showered the stage with bras, symbolizing their unwavering support for the OVO icon. 

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