Chrissy Teigen Mocks Claim She Had Kids ‘to Stay Relevant’

Chrissy Teigen Mocks Claim She Had Kids ‘to Stay Relevant’

Chrissy Teigen is laughing off what the haters have to say about her. As E! News noted, Teigen poked fun at a claim from a social media user who said that she and her husband, John Legend, have kids to “stay relevant.” Teigen and Legend are parents to four children — daughters Luna and Esti and sons Miles and Wren.

The drama began after Legend shared a post on Instagram in honor of Luna’s 8th birthday. While the post was completely innocuous, one person couldn’t help sharing some negativity in the comments section. They accused Teigen and Legend of “always trying to stay relevant by talking and keep on having kids” and added, “no one cares.” It wasn’t long before Teigen hit back at the unfriendly comment. In response to that accusation, the cookbook author took things in stride.

“Yes very bored and need attention,” Teigen replied. She added, “and there is no other way in the world to get it than having kids.” If you know Teigen, you know that she’s not afraid to speak her mind. She’s also not afraid to open up about her personal life, including how she and Legend navigate being parents to four young children. In March 2023, shortly after the birth of their third child, Esti, Teigen spoke with Extra about how she and Legend make things work with their growing family. 

She said, reflecting on raising children with her talented husband, “At least it’s fun and at least it’s funny John and I can look at each other and be like, ‘Oh, my God, like, what were we thinking?’ which happens anytime we’re like, ‘Oh, we felt good about leaving the house today…’ It’s a caravan. We’ve never once been out and been, like, ‘We’re really glad we did that.'” She jokingly added, “I get the iPad now. My excuse is Miles is a dinosaur genius. Because of the iPad, he can recite every name, every everything. Luna is, like, designing clothes. So it’s not, it’s not all bad.”


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