Cardi B Pursues $4M From Tasha K After Bankruptcy Filing

Cardi B Pursues $4M From Tasha K After Bankruptcy Filing

Cardi B has continued to take legal action in federal court against Tasha K, who owes the rapper $4M in damages. Recently, the Bronx rapper filed a suit as part of the gossip blogger’s bankruptcy proceedings, urging the judge not to dismiss the debt. This comes after Cardi won a defamation lawsuit against Tasha in January 2021.

Cardi’s Collection Efforts Halted

Tasha K’s YouTube videos spread harmful lies about Cardi, including allegations of having an STD and working as a prostitute. The Bronx-bred rapper testified in court that these false claims caused emotional distress and strained her marriage. 

Ultimately, the jury awarded Cardi, whose real name is Belcalis Almánzar, $1 million in general damages, $250k in medical expenses, $1.5 million in punitive damages, and an additional $1.3 million for her legal fees.

According to court documents obtained by, Tasha’s bankruptcy filing has temporarily halted Cardi’s collection efforts. In her bankruptcy petition, Tasha listed her assets in the $50k-$100k range, while her liabilities range from $1 million to $10 million. 

Tasha K’s Earnings

Her assets include a 2021 Chevrolet Silverado, furniture worth $2750, electronics worth $500, clothing and accessories worth $2,500 (including two Louis Vuitton purses and a Coach bag), and $6k worth of jewelry, including her engagement and wedding rings. The YouTuber’s bank account currently holds less than $100. 

Tasha K claims to earn $13k monthly from her content creation, with an additional $17K from her partner, leaving a surplus of $7k after expenses.

Cardi’s attorney, James Moon, has requested to be informed of all legal updates concerning the case. The Grammy Award-winning artist has also demanded that Tasha appear for an examination of her financial records. Currently, Tasha has not commented on the lawsuit but recently posted a photo of herself with a smile, hoping to “attract as much money” as possible to pay off her debt.

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Cardi B Garnishes Tasha K’s Bank Account For Over $3M Over False Statements

Cardi B has made moves to collect the $4m in damages the court awarded her in the defamatory suit against popular gossip blogger Tasha K.

In a new update on the tussle between the two, the Invasion of Privacy artist has begun the process of garnishing the celebrity blogger’s assets and wages for over $3M.

The “Up” rapper demanded that Chase Bank hold all of the blogger’s money and property until the amount owed is paid.

Tasha K has since pleaded with the judge who handled the civil suit, asking for a stay of execution. 

The appeal is still pending, and there has not been a decision on the stay of execution.

Tasha K Says She Won’t Pay Cardi B

Meanwhile, in the immediate aftermath of the ruling, Tasha K made it very clear she has no intention of paying the rapper.

Tasha K Mocks Ruling, Plans To Appeal Cardi B’s Lawsuit

The “Unwine With Tasha K” YouTube blogger joked during an interview that she does not have any money to pay Cardi B and plans to appeal the court’s decision.

In an interview with hosts Kendall Kyndall and Kendra G, Tasha K jokingly said she “aint got it” when asked about paying the $4 million Cardi B was awarded in the libel lawsuit.

Cardi B filed a suit against the Youtuber for spreading malicious lies about her, including claims the rap star had a sexually transmitted disease and was a prostitute.

When asked if her Youtube checks would be enough to settle what she owes to Cardi B, she replied, “It’s good, but I got two children.”

Cardi B got wind of Tasha K’s intention to stiff her on the money and immediately replied on social media with, “BBHMM” (Bitch Better Have My Money).

Cardi B Slanderer Tasha K Responds To Lawsuit Verdict: “No LIES Were Told On Anyone”

Cardi B won her defamation case against the blogger back in January.  She was awarded $1 million in damages including “pain and suffering and/or reputational injury.”  She was also awarded attorney fees, amounting to $1.3 million.

Tasha K has been ordered to pay $1 million in punitive damages and Kebe Studios LLC has been ordered to pay $500,000 in punitive damages.  The gossip blogger was found liable for defamation, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress by a Georgia judge.

However, Tasha K has refused to accept defeat. In an animated rant on social media, she denied and negated it all.

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