Burna Boy Forgoes $5M Dubai performance due to strict smoking laws while Tems gets detained in Uganda 

Burna Boy Forgoes $5M Dubai performance due to strict smoking laws while Tems gets detained in Uganda 

Nigerian music sensations  Burna Boy and Tems have become entangled in legal troubles as they navigated foreign lands. These incidents shed light on the challenges artists face when traveling abroad and the stringent consequences for diverging from foreign country laws.

Burna Boy’s Bag Fumbled

Burna Boy, known for his unfiltered lyrics, dropped a bombshell in his latest freestyle, hinting at a missed opportunity for a big payday. The lyrics echoed:

“Just now I turned down Dubai money, 5 million dollar na small thing cos me I no dey like to dey go where dem no go gree allow me smoke igbo.”

Other Laws in Dubai

 It was apparent that Burna Boy had declined a lucrative offer due to Dubai’s smoking laws, which forbid smoking in closed public spaces. Dubai also has a range of other strict laws, including restrictions on public display of affection, cohabitation without marriage, and public intoxication.

Fan Reactions 

Fans on social media reacted to Burna Boy’s decision, with some questioning his priorities. One user commented, “Said no to 5M bcz of addiction..,” while another remarked, “and thats why drugs are bad kids.” 

Tems Arrested In Uganda?!

In a similar vein, rising star Tems faced her own set of challenges during a performance in Uganda. She later revealed in an interview that she believed it was a setup. 

Initially, she had been booked for a show in Uganda with permits that suggested the performance was authorized. However, she soon discovered that something was amiss.

Why Was She Detained?

Tems and her manager were subsequently arrested by plain-clothed police officers after the show, allegedly for violating COVID-19 guidelines.

Tems described the ordeal as a transformative experience that left an indelible mark on her. She recounted how a mysterious figure had threatened Nigerian artists, warning them not to come to Uganda. 

The circumstances surrounding her detention highlighted the strict regulations imposed by foreign countries, even during the pandemic. Tems’ case is indicative of the challenges faced by artists who must navigate unknown territories and adhere to unfamiliar laws.

Trey Songz’s Bodyguard Finds Himself In Hot Water 

These incidents involving Burna Boy and Tems are not isolated cases. Similar legal troubles have befallen other artists while traveling to foreign countries. One such example is Trey Songz’s bodyguard, who faced legal challenges in Dubai following a hotel confrontation in 2023. Despite his attempts to defuse the situation, the bodyguard was arrested and sentenced to one year in jail.

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