Boosie’s Tulsa Show Ends In Chaotic Shooting, Four Injured

Boosie’s Tulsa Show Ends In Chaotic Shooting, Four Injured

Boosie’s recent performance in Tulsa, Oklahoma, took a dangerous turn when shots were fired, leaving four people injured. The incident occurred after Boosie concluded his set with the song “Set It Off.” 

During the Baton Rouge rapper’s performance in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on July 1, chaos unfolded as 20 shots were fired, leaving four individuals injured. The incident occurred right after the rapper concluded his set with the song “Set It Off.” 

Authorities are still investigating the exact details surrounding the event and the motive behind the shooting. This incident comes shortly after Boosie’s recent arrest on gun charges in San Diego.

Varied Injuries & Police Response

The injuries sustained by the victims varied in severity. One person was shot in the leg, another suffered a graze wound to the foot, a third victim was found nearby with a gunshot wound, and a fourth individual sustained a gunshot wound to the head. Fortunately, there have been no reported deaths at this time.

In response to the chaotic incident, the Tulsa Police Department was called in to assist with crowd control. Despite the shooting, it is important to note that most attendees peacefully exited the venue after the show concluded without causing any further issues.

Concert Safety Concerns & Investigation

This incident raises concerns about the safety and security measures at events like this. Concert organizers, venue owners, and local authorities will likely examine the circumstances surrounding the shooting to identify any potential areas for improvement. 

It is crucial to ensure the safety of both performers and attendees at such gatherings.

In a recent incident, the “Wipe Me Down” rapper faced legal trouble when he was arrested on gun charges in San Diego while filming a music video. He was subsequently released following the matter.

Shooting At Finesse2Tymes Concert Leaves 3 Injured

This incident is reminiscent of another shooting at Memphis rapper Finesse2Tymes’ show in Knoxville, Tennessee. In January 2023, shots were discharged during the concert, injuring three individuals.

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