‘Manifest’: Melissa Roxburgh Reflects on ‘Beautiful’ Finale and Shares Thoughts on Possible Spinoff (Exclusive)

‘Manifest’: Melissa Roxburgh Reflects on ‘Beautiful’ Finale and Shares Thoughts on Possible Spinoff (Exclusive)

It’s been close to a year since the final episodes of Manifest dropped on Netflix on June 2, 2023, and Melissa Roxburgh reflected on the emotional final episode with PopCulture.com. Manifest‘s series finale saw the 828 passengers taking on the three trials in the hopes of surviving the Death Date. The final trial saw them get back on the plane, and while not everyone made it out alive, those who proved themselves were able to get through the Divine Consciousness and back in time 5 ½ years to the date and time they would have landed in Queens on that fateful night.

Considering the series was canceled by NBC after three seasons and saved by Netflix for a final fourth season, plans had to change. Regardless of how rushed the final season felt, Roxburgh, who portrayed 828 passenger and Lifeboat co-captain Michaela Stone, is a fan of how it all ended. “Honestly, I think that that show gave me so much in life, and I’m so happy about how it all went,” she shared. “And I think that Jeff wrote a really amazing finale with how he tied it all back together. I think it’s genius, and I think it ended in such a beautiful way. Not necessarily the way everyone thought it was going to end, but I think it was the perfect ending myself.”

With the way Manifest ended, it opened up possibilities for potential spinoffs, further exploring Flight 828 and its origin. Creator Jeff Rake has previously teased spinoff potential, but what does Roxburgh think of it? She says she “personally am super happy with how Michaela’s end ends and family story tied up, but I would love to see that world come back onto the screen in whatever capacity. And if I get to play a little role in that, that’d be amazing. But I don’t think that we should try to touch what Jeff tied up so beautifully. So, I’m really happy with how those stories came together. But yeah, I think Manifest is such a fun show, and I would love to see another version of it somehow.”

As of now, there is still no indication that a Manifest spinoff is happening, but things could always change. Even Roxburgh’s on-screen brother Josh Dallas gave his thoughts on a spinoff not long after Manifest ended. If a spinoff were to happen, it would be the first Manifest spinoff. While fans are waiting and hoping, they can always rewatch all four seasons on Netflix and theorize just what could possibly happen next.

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