Ashanti Shows Fat Joe Love After Hot Comment

Ashanti Shows Fat Joe Love After Hot Comment

R&B icon Ashanti is showing love to her brother. After New York rap veteran Fat Joe went online to give her support over still looking fine at 40, she returned the favor.


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Ashanti Shows Fat Joe Love After Hot Comment

Ashanti posted a clip of Joey Crack saying she’s the hottest she’s ever been. In her caption, she hyped him up and showed mad appreciation for her close friend’s kind words.

If your brother don’t hype u up like this he’s trash!!! 🤣🤣🤣 love u bro!!!! I am f##### cryinnnnnnnnnnnngg 😭😭😭@fatjoe 🎉🎉🎉 🎥🎥🎥

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Fat Joe’s Gangsta Grillz Mixtape Tracklisting

Joe is setting the bar high for his What Would Big Do 2021 project. The hip-hop heavyweight has come through with the Gangsta Grillz project’s tracklisting featuring a slew of big-name rap heavyweights and some newcomers – it’s no surprise either, considering all the kind words and support he has for everyone in his life.

Joey Crack hit up his Instagram page to deliver a look at the new underground album. Along with having guest spots courtesy of French Montana, Lil Yachty, Remy Ma and Ceelo Green, Joe also has huge production from hitmakers Cool & Dre.

“Track list just went up !!! WHAT WOULD BIG DO 2021 @djdrama GANGSTA GRILLZ Friday the 13 th Track list just went up !!! WHAT WOULD BIG DO 2021 @djdrama GANGSTA GRILLZ Friday the 13 th”

Fat Joe Makes Movie Night Decision No-Brainer

Joe recently showed love to the closest neighborhood to his Bronx borough. The hip-hop star stepped up to salute Hollywood heavyweight Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s must-see In The Heights movie.

Joey Crack went to his Instagram page with a massive salute to the newly released flick. The Big Apple native went the extra mile by shouting out lead actor Anthony Ramos.

“Go support this movies amazing @anthonyramosofficial I’m proud of you my brother”

The movie had already received a stack of epic co-signs from TV mogul Oprah Winfrey, music star Ariana Grande and movie heavyweight Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Fat Joe Compares DJ Khaled to Quincy Jones

During a recent episode of rap veteran N.O.R.E.‘s podcast “Drink Champs,” Fat Joe made a comparison between music producer DJ Khaled‘s achievements to entertainment icon Quincy Jones, which immediately sparked criticism online. Joe publicly disagreed with rumors suggesting Khaled merely used big-name talents on his albums to succeed, pointing out that other producers attempt to do the same and fail.

“People take away the greatness from Khaled and they think, ‘Well, he just gets a bunch of big-name rappers and puts them on the same song.’ There’s a million producers and deejays that try that – and it’s been a long time since we heard Nas and JAY-Z in what, to me, sounds like a smash hit. Like a smash, hit – it can play on the radio, it’s streaming – Khaled really is the Quincy Jones of hip-hop right now.”

Joe faced the backlash head on by posting on social media. The Terror Squad boss clarified he meant no disrespect to Quincy, but was merely referencing the work ethic that Khaled unarguably has with the number of hits he’s produced over time.

“All these back seat drivers Monday morning quarterbacks always got an opinion but can’t do it themselves shit crazy to me the term Quincy jones of this time was used in reference to the work khaled has put in years and years of hit obviously there’s only one Quincy but f*ck it tune in tonight EXPLOSIVE lol.”

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