Samantha Mumba Returns With New Ballad “Process”

Samantha Mumba Returns With New Ballad “Process”

Well, this is a welcome surprise! ’00s pop icon Samantha Mumba (“Gotta Tell You” still goes hard) returns with a ballad called “Process.” “Let me tell you, let me tell you now, it gets better, it gets better somehow,” the Irishwoman begins the song. “When your life is overwhelmed with doubt, know there’s always gonna be a way out.” That takes us to the soaring chorus. “If I can be honest, it takes some time to process,” she belts. “Every step is progress, it gets better, I promise.”

If you’re looking for something a little more upbeat, Samantha rolled out a song called “Cool” a couple of weeks ago and it’s an uptempo bop. It still beggars belief that the 37-year-old only released one album (she was huge in the early ’00s), so hopefully her sophomore set will drop in 2021. Of course, this isn’t Sam’s first comeback. She released a couple of singles in the 2010s (“Somebody Like Me” and “Only Just Begun”), before focusing on motherhood. Check out her new singles below.



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