NEWS: Folk Implosion to release music for Kids soundtrack

NEWS: Folk Implosion to release music for Kids soundtrack

The Folk ImplosionLou Barlow and John Davis’s recently reactivated musical project, will release Music For KIDS, a deluxe reissue of their original compositions that soundtracked Harmony Korine and Larry Clark’s 1995 cult classic film Kids, on September 8th on Domino Records.

This will compile for the first time all of the songs the duo wrote for the movie, newly remastered, including B-sides and previously unreleased tracks. Many will be available on streaming services for the first time in a very long time, including the band’s most famous song, the hit single ‘Natural One.’ The album also adds remixes by UNKLE (James Lavelle and DJ Shadow) and Dust Brothers and an instrumental version of “Nothing Gonna Stop.”

Speaking about the process of recording the soundtrack, Davis says: ‘ “We turned the studio into the proverbial ‘playground of the mind.We went digging through Fort Apache for whatever we could find; we scoured the studio looking for instruments like bongos, vibraslap, a lot of percussion instruments… saxophone, oscillator, Juno synthesizer. We used the Mellotron they had for ‘Wet Stuff,’ ‘Daddy Never Understood’ and ‘Crash.’  We even recorded a push broom being dragged across a board of plywood.”

During the Kids soundtrack sessions, the band had two TV/VCR set-ups in the studio, so they could tailor the music to specific scenes from the film. “We did a lot of jamming in the studio… ‘Natural One’ started out as a jam,” explains Barlow. “The working title of the instrumental was originally ‘Dr. Dre’s House.’ I was obsessed with Dr. Dre and Snoop and N.W.A. before that and it was exciting for John and I to finally indulge our love of R&B in our own way.” Despite not actually appearing in the film, the bittersweet dissonance of “Natural One” clearly became the defining sound of the Kids soundtrack – even peaking at #29 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

The album tracklisting is as follows:

Side 1:
1. Natural One
2. Nothing Gonna Stop
3. Wet Stuff
4. Jenny’s Theme
5. Crash

Side 2:
6. Daddy Never Understood
7. Simean Groove
8. Nasa Theme
9. Cabride
10. Raise The Bells

Side 3:
11. Insinuation
12. Burning Paper
13. Checking In
14. Wide Web
15. Park Dub

Side 4:
16. Natural One (UNKLE Remix)
17. Nothing Gonna Stop (Instrumental)
18. Insinuation (Dust Brothers Remix)

the band have also shared a new live version of the track, recorded in March of this year at Mitch Easter’s Fidelitorium Recordings studios in North Carolina. Barlow and Davis are joined in the performance by Alex LazaraDariush Mirsajedin, and James Phillips.

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