NEWS: Cwmbran DJ Huw Wackman aka Miaer Lloyd wins DMC UK Title

NEWS: Cwmbran DJ Huw Wackman aka Miaer Lloyd wins DMC UK Title

A DJ from Cwmbran Miaer Lloyd aka DJ Huw Wackman won the UK Final of Technics DMC UK competition at the 75,000-strong Boomtown Festival crowd last Friday night on his sixth attempt, after thirty years of trying!

It was an emotional moment he thought would never arrive; crowned Technics DMC UK Champion in front of a sea of World Champion judges, a huge Boomtown festival crowd…and securing a seat on the plane to the World Finals in San Francisco in November.

He saw off seven other DJs from around the British Isles to take home the second biggest trophy in the turntable world – some twenty five years after deciding maybe enough was enough after being Runner Up three times!

Surreal was the first word that popped into my head on Saturday morning when I woke up,
although I hadn’t actually slept,”
admitted Miaer from his home, twenty four hours after winning. 

It was something, as a younger man, that dominated my life. Ten consecutive years entering the competition, but never quite hit the top, so Fridays event meant a lot. I did it for my darling Mamma, Shirley, who passed from Dementia recently. Friday was our day together when she was ill,  so winning it on  a Friday and the day Hip Hop celebrated being fifty, was fitting.”
Back then he went under his DJ Excel moniker, but at the weekend it was his Huw Wackman tag that impressed multi winning World Final judges Craze, Prime Cuts, JFB, Cutmaster Swift and Mr Switch –pipping England’s Mike L and Revrt along the way.

DMC is the world’s biggest DJ competition in the world. Stars including James Brown, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Run DMC, Public Enemy and LL Cool J have all appeared at our World Finals – every DMC branch around the world have their own Finals and take their Champion to the World’s. This year it’s in San Francisco in November. The DMCs have launched a million DJ careers over the years. It’s where Fatboy Slim and Carl Cox first started.

Miaer first entered at Martha’s Vineyard in Swansea back in 1987. This was his SIXTH UK Final! he stopped entering in 1998 after coming second three times. I know he won’t mind me saying, his mum just died and so he thought he would try one more time for her. It was so emotional when he won.

“I first entered the competition in 1987 at Swansea’s Martha’s Vineyard. Back then, DMC gave us DJs a platform to be creative, something everyone could do if committed enough. The yearly countdown to the DMC heats was instrumental in helping us as young kids to focus and work hard to attain a skill that, though niche, was highly regarded. Pretty powerful feelings as a young adult growing up. I went on to compete in five UK finals, second placing three times in 1998 before my final resting place… or so I thought!”

So the question on everyone’s lips – why the name change, again?
“My actual DJ name is Bad Meaning Good, and it’s also my company name. I teach Hip Hop Culture Classes along with breaker, Tommy Boost, to primary and High Schools in South Wales, so I needed something consistent. Huw Wakeman was a smoke screen to hide my true identity from people in the know. I like being an underdog and that I was no threat. Urban tactics! I’ll be Huw for the duration of this championship, but Huw knows, I may get itchy feet again! Change is good right?!

The most amazing part of this fairy tale performance was that Jackman only entered at the last
minute, he didn’t even have the right equipment…

“I only had three weeks from the time I was given the go ahead that I was in the Final. So I bought a mixer borrowed decks and bought needles. I had a week to come up with ideas, a week to practice and refine, and about four days on lock-down to perfect it the best I could. I think the boot-camp style worked as previously, when practice is spread over a year, it’s easy to procrastinate. This time, I didn’t have that luxury.” and now the big prize awaits. A trip to the U.S to take on the likes of Japan, Canada, the U.S and reigning World Champion K-Swizz from New Zealand. In the home of DJ battling!

How proud are you representing Wales going to the World Finals in the U.S.?

I”t’s a great feeling. I’m 52 years old and hope this can inspire people to never give up on what they want to achieve. A guy from a small town in Wales can impact something as huge as Hip Hop Culture. Incredible really.  Don’t listen to anyone except yourself. I had three weeks to make this DJ set, had flu all the way through and a broken finger. Lots of doubt crept in but, the alternative – giving up, was never on the cards. I want to wallow for a few weeks before I talk battle plans with our talented rivals across the ocean. As I showed last night, I do it differently. Old skills versus new breed. May the best Welshman win!”

He also does a lot of work in schools mentoring students in dance and music – he has visited 40 schools to date and taught thousands of students. I think his funding just ran out – which is something DMC are going to help with.

How/when did you first get into DJing/turntablism?

“I was brought up In Cwmbran Wales, and formed bonds in breakin and DJ crews as soon as Hip Hop hit our towns and cities in early 1980’s. My Dad was a miner and was made redundant in the 80’s, and bought me my first set of Technics 1210’s. I used to pay him back £15 a month. Took for ever to pay off but was worth the sacrifice and love to my Dad for looking out for me, recognising my passion.”

Early DJ inspirations from the DMC world…

The DJ Cheese 1986 World final performance on tape. That was it! The sounds and energy in that mix was the catalyst. Cutmaster Swift and DJ Pogo were big inspirations from the UK during my early days. I went on to join their crew, The Enforcers in the 1990’s.

Some of the places you have played at before / currently…

I had a residency at a club called Grooves in Newport, Wales around 92. Was an amazing vibe, Acid Jazz, funk, Hip Hop, Disco etc. It only ran for two years, but was a great moment in Welsh music venues. Outside UK, I’ve worked with Jamiroquai amongst others!

Who do you work with/who is in your crew?

“i’m a lone wolf now, but when first starting my DMC journey our crew consisted of around ten DJ’s, all practising together and innovating.

Key players within our crew were, Robert Carlton, Jason Milner, the incredible DJJB (Jason Burrows), Martin Linton and the one and only, Jamie Winchester, owner of Play It Loud Studios, Newport, Wales.”

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