Melanie Martinez Drops ‘After School’ EP Including “The Bakery”

Melanie Martinez Drops ‘After School’ EP Including “The Bakery”

It’s finally here… in some countries! Melanie Martinez is releasing her long-awaited After School EP in the US tonight. The 7-song set is an addendum of sorts to K-12. They exist within the Cry Baby universe, but the songs are more specific and personal to the singer/songwriter. Take focus track, “The Bakery,” which Melanie has been teasing on TikTok and Instagram. It was inspired by the visual artist being fired from a bakery while in high school. If the lyrics are any indication, she might have enjoyed the produce a little too much.

“Eatin’ all the rainbow cookies, pies are flying through the roof,” the 25-year-old sings. “Not my first pick but I’ll do it, make the cash right so I can move quick out this shithole with a new whip.” Stay tuned for the typically surreal video, which Melanie teased on social media (below). Other titles of note on After School include “Notebook,” “Brain & Heart” and “Glued.” It will be interesting to see if Melanie releases a clip for each track. Visual projects are kind of her thing. Check back tonight to stream the EP in full.

Melanie’s After School EP tracklist:

1. Notebook

2. Test Me

3. Brain & Heart

4. Numbers

5. Glued

6. Field Trip

7. The Bakery

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