Madonna Announces ‘Madame X’ Perfume

Madonna Announces ‘Madame X’ Perfume

Madonna loves to troll her fans. While we all wait patiently for Madame X Tour DVD or a crumb of new music, the Queen of Pop fired up her iconic social media platforms to announce Madame X perfume. (I’m imagining a cross between eyepatch sweat and any flower that is not a hydrangea). The entrepreneur got in a little promo by gifting a box to screenwriter Diablo Cody on Instagram. Amusingly, Madonna says that she finds it “a little strong,” but insists it smells nice half an hour later when some has evaporated. I’ll take two boxes!

The sexy 62-year-old’s latest Instagram video is also notable for shedding a little light on the superstar’s upcoming biopic, which she is co-writing and directing. Casting the lead role comes up and Madonna claims that being comfortable in your body is essential, and asks to see a group of actresses naked. The “Levitating (Remix)” queen also jokes about “trimming bush” and drinks a lot of wine. They better start engraving that Best Picture Oscar now because Madonna’s biopic already sounds like a masterpiece. See her perfume news below.

The announcement:

Madonna talks perfume:

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