Land of Rap – July 2023

Land of Rap – July 2023

A fresh Luke RV single after an extended period of time with no music usually means the beginning of a new project rollout. That is the bar the Neath native has set for himself pretty much since his debut and I’m hoping the release of ‘PLATINUM’
continues that trend. Produced by Sertee it might be Luke’s funnest track to date with a strong mix of flow, delivery and one liners over the Jersey Club beat. Proper anthem vibes on this and one that will definitely go down well live.

I’ve been anticipating new Mirari and Ogun for a minute, even more so after hearing some of the tracks the pair have together and solo performed live. The former fulfilled that wish at the close of the month with ‘Class of Deja’, with bars that wouldn’t sound
out of place in a grime cypher yet over this production they add to the triumphant nature of the track. More from both soon I hope!

Mercy Rose continued to add to their catalogue in June with the release of a second single quickly following ‘Side Chick Anthem’. ‘Swing My Way’ is once again colourful and vivid in its writing and brilliantly structured with the pair once again showing why they’re one of the top duo acts in the country.

Two stalwarts of their city’s reemerged as Newport’s Brighty and Swansea’s Crazethejack both dropped new singles after time away. Straight laced, unapologetic rapping Brighty is always a pleasure to listen to and that’s what we get with ‘Too Long’. Craze has always had a knack for crafting a track that’ll have you nodding your head
and ‘So What’ is no different, linking up with Bangor’s Bmellow for this banger!

Up in Wrexham we had the debut release from HDEE. The youngster has been doing plenty of live sets over the last year, honing his craft but it’s good to finally have some music out from him. Documenting a failed relationship in ‘Luv’ this is one of many bows
in his quiver as his rapping ability covers the spectrum. I’m looking forward to seeing which direction he goes next.

Other releases over the last month that are noteworthy are Kingkhan’s ‘Screw It’ (I’ll getto chat about his album next month), the debut project from CH, Magugu’s ‘Bubble Inside’ and Kinnigan’s overall month has been full of activity.

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