Gotti Banxx Explores Very Special Sonic Designs On New LP

Rapper Gotti Banxx just made his latest contribution to Hip-Hop music with the release of his latest LP entitled Very Special. This ‘very special’ record was co-executively produced in collaboration with Montreal-based producer Kizzy, who has been working with Banxx since 2013. Although most tracks were co-produced with Kizzy, Banxx wanted to bring a diversity of sonic influences in his sound, and thus worked with other producers on the remaining songs. 

“No Favors,” “Sometimes,” “Up All Night,” “No Friends,” “Me & You,” “Tell Me How,” and “See U Later” are the tracks listeners will discover on this brilliant album. Gotti Banxx first made the headlines with his hit track “RNB Party” and continued dropping bangers with the release of “Famous,” “Santana,” and more recently “Sometimes,” which is also listed on Very Special. This album is set to display Gotti’s rapid evolution in the game, and attract him major opportunities this year and the coming ones..

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