EXCLUSIVE: Danielle Lewis shares ‘My Youth’ session version

EXCLUSIVE: Danielle Lewis shares ‘My Youth’ session version

Today, we are debuting Danielle Lewis‘s striking live version of her new single: ‘My Youth’, watch it below. ‘My Youth’ is direct, delicate and heartfelt, the tumbling chords and Lewis’s deeply wistful and exquisite vocals swim deep into a pool of reflection reminiscing longingly on the passing of time. Absolutely glorious.

Performing with a full band including producer Secondson (on Wurlitzer) and TJ Roberts (on Piano), the session strips back the crystalline production of the original production to leave bare its brittle heart. As Danielle says of the new version:

The single is quite uplifting and optimistic-sounding, whereas underlying there’s actually a sombre edge to it which is why I chose to represent it stripped back to its simple, honest foundation. The single is almost twee and folky sounding… this session version is a heart wrencher.”

Capturing the three musicians performing in the cosy quarters of Sail Loft Studios, Cardiff, it’s an intimate and breathtaking session that casts ‘My Youth’ in a whole new light. The visuals and audio were recorded by Thomas Westgård.

‘My Youth’ is a track about coming-of-age and the myriad of emotions that come hand-in-hand with growing up. Written by Danielle Lewis and produced by Secondson (who also contributes acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, piano, vibraphone to the original version), the single also features drums by Lauren Morgan and both acoustic and electric guitar from TJ Roberts; all of whom contributed to this new session.

An understated and beautiful live version that showcases one of Wales’ most inspiring new artists in flight, the Sail Loft Studios session of ‘My Youth’ is out now.


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