EXCLUSIVE: Dakota Jones ‘Misbehave Me’ Video Premiere

EXCLUSIVE: Dakota Jones ‘Misbehave Me’ Video Premiere

Brooklyn’s Dakota Jones invites you to their interstellar pool party on their new single ‘Misbehave Me’, out today. We are debuting the accompanying vibrant video below. ‘Misbehave Me’ is an alluringly sensuous single ripe with slinky funk and soulful vocals that tip over into ecstasy with a sultry rhythm and lustful lyrics – “Legs so long, make your knees go weak/Thighs so thick, make you miss your seat.

Front woman Tristan Carter-Jones says: “‘Misbehave Me’ is all about sultry play, self-exploration, and finding joy through self-expression and sexual freedom. We wanted the video to reflect the sexiness and joy of the song- that summertime feeling – and to feature the band doing our thing in a fun, expressive place.”

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Vocalist Tristan Carter-Jones guides the viewer in grooving along with the single’s irresistible beat, while kitted out in a gloriously colourful wardrobe. Across a number of retro settings, including an old-school American diner and arcade. her charm and power are unmatched as she is joined by the band for the full Dakota Jones experience.

You’ve just touched down on another planet far, far away, and you exit the ship – a stranger in a strange and glorious land. ‘Misbehave Me’ is the song that plays as the door glides open, and you begin this moment of self-discovery and exploration in a world beyond your wildest imagination.”  Dakota Jones.

The band have been stomping around and making noise for nearly eight years now. Featuring Tristan Carter-Jones on vocals, Scott Jet Kramp on bass, Steve Ross on the drums, and Eddy Marshall on the guitar, Dakota Jones have moulded their sound into something at once commanding and vulnerable, spontaneous and deliberate, familiar and refreshing.

Harnessing a timeless groove and magisterial queer black power, they first burst onto the UK scene in 2021, easily translating their formidable energy as a live act into their debut record.

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