Ep!K Releases New Album The Onset Of Agnosthesia

Ep!K Releases New Album The Onset Of Agnosthesia

Ep!K releases his latest project; the sophomore album titled The Onset Of Agnosthesia, with a tracklist of ten otherworldly tracks. 

He had teased the new album with the release of the single “Dancing By Myself”, a magnificent song about loneliness. In a recent interview, speaking about this single, he explained: “I wanted to create a song that people could dance and cry to. I find myself struggling to fit into the club and party environment. This song is a representation of still trying to be present within the scope of escapism but also suffering the consequences of not being fully engaged in that mindset.”

The Onset Of Agnosthesia is rich in the sonic proposal it offers listeners thanks to a fusion of genres,  from electronica to Alt-R&B and Hip-Hop. Music has no boundaries for Ep!K. He shares: “Music is a way of expression, and throughout my whole life, I’ve always wanted to be able to effectively communicate how I feel and effectively create a level of understanding between me and whoever I’m trying to talk to. Music was the obvious choice; not only to communicate effectively but bring someone into my world and present myself in a way that I only know how.“

After his debut album The Message That Never Got Sent, which included sublime tracks like “Blame Me” and “Hateful Love,” The Onset Of Agnosthesia is the perfect way to get introduced to Ep!K’s hypnotic music!

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