Discover Nova Gholar’s Exciting New Single “WNDR”

Discover Nova Gholar’s Exciting New Single “WNDR”

Nova Gholar, a California-based singer-songwriter, recently dropped his new single “WNDR”, a beautiful, original, and cool song that is bound to be loved by the audience. With around 10K views on YouTube already, this is truly Nova’s expression of feelings, thoughts, and creativity.

The young artist grew up in Chicago, in a family where his parents encouraged him to study and love music. As a teenager, Nova played the drums and the piano in the church where his father was a preacher. This became the basis for his famous album The Preacher’s Kid, released in 2018.

Wonderfully diverse, Nova Gholar is an exciting face in the hip hop, r&b, and soul scene. Unafraid to express himself, Nova comes up with songs that are fun, catchy, memorable, and authentic. 

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