Discover Mayia’s Magnificent Voice In “Temporary”

Discover Mayia’s Magnificent Voice In “Temporary”

“Temporary” is singer Mayia Cohen’s newest song belonging to her soon-to-be-released eight-tracker album. Truly charming, this song has everything it takes to be a superhit — from the exciting, rhythmic hip hop beats to the modern tune and, of course, the artist’s beautiful voice which is in the center of all the attention. 

Woven into the fabric of Mayia’s art are various genres and their best, most prominent features, especially pop, r&b, jazz, and soul music. Mayia learned to play the drums when she was only six and continued on to learn the electric guitar. Vocal and piano lessons came next and she has obviously mastered her vocal skills.

Mayia’s music is powerful, passionate and fearless. A young artist for sure, Mayia can come up with the most fascinating arrangements for her songs. Innovative, original and immensely talented, Mayia is on the rise and all the fans will want to share her journey.   

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