Beast – Shake That Ass

Beast – Shake That Ass

Bronx rapper Beast introducing brand new single, Shake That Ass.”

Beast is a rap artist hailing from the Bronx, New York. He just dropped a brand new single titled “Shake That Ass,” which is a fun, upbeat and energetic hip-hop track with a modern feel. The song begins with a very edgy, yet melodic introduction, leading up to a fired up verse. The consistency of the vocal flow is absolutely remarkable, highlighting the rapper’s amazing talent for creating catchy hooks while maintaining a very raw vocal vibe that really brings some power to the track. This song is a great introduction to Beast’s work and unique musical coordinates.

The song has a classic 808-style drum machine beat, and a simple, yet direct melody with a darker feel, giving the song a more upfront tone. If you enjoy the sound of artists like Travis $cott as well as XXXTENTACION, you’ll love this one.

Find out more about Beast, and do not miss out on his most recent studio release, “Shake That Ass,” which is now available on Spotify and other streaming platforms on the web.



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