“All Alone” Artist Chandler Dives Into Electronic Music For His Upcoming LP

“All Alone” Artist Chandler Dives Into Electronic Music For His Upcoming LP

22-year-old American singer-songwriter, Chandler, has shown great potential with his recent singles “All Alone” and “Nightlight.” The young talent, who debuted with “Miss Me and You Hate It,” admits: “I usually write songs relatively fast, no longer than 15-30 minutes. Creative inspiration is like a delicate magic dust that can go as fast as it comes so I create impulsively when that magic inspiration happens.”

Following his third single “All Alone,” which was inspired by Jay-Z’s live performance of Oasis’ “Wonderwall” at the Glastonbury festival in 2008, Chandler reveals that he is working on a special project. Believing that the genre will have a “special place in the future of music,” the up-and-comer is putting together a new album that focuses solely on Electronic music.

“I’m always working on something, the only songs I’ve truly felt were meant to be compiled into an album is an electronic album I’m working on at the moment,” says Chandler, confessing, “Anything experimental is something I feel most comfortable with. It’s difficult as an artist without the resources of a great engineer. Someone getting really personal and intimate into exactly what you’re trying to go for, so I’m having to take that responsibility alone for the foreseeable future.”

Chandler possesses a truly unique voice that introduces the public to another dimension of the world. Releasing tracks like “All Alone,” he invites the audience to look into his mind and soul as he tries to find himself, “I’m still really young as an artist and trying to figure out “Who I am” and just learning, trying things. It’s hard enough to be in your twenties figuring out life so throw being an artist in there.”

Listen to “All Alone” on Spotify:

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