Watch: Bahamas Shares Reflective Music Video for “Sports Car”

Watch: Bahamas Shares Reflective Music Video for “Sports Car”

Watch: Bahamas Shares Reflective Music Video for “Sports Car”

Alex H. Krinsky on December 12, 2023

Today, singer-songwriter and guitarist Alie Jurvanen, also known as Bahamas, released a moving new music video for his song “Sports Car,” which was released early this year on his album Bootcut. The song and video hold a deep melancholy rooted in the loneliness that many discover as they grow up without a guiding presence.

“Twenty years ago, I tried to write a song about growing up without a father,” explained Jurvanen about completing and releasing “Sports Car” in a press release. “1 out of 4 kids grow up without a father in the home. The long-term effects on fatherless children are so severe, and there are decades of data now to support this. It’s not an issue that gets much attention these days, but for me, it’s personal.” 

The video, directed by Heather Goodchild and Mina Sewell Mancuso, showcases Jurvanen seemingly alone as he reflects on the past. Recollections of nights past and likely wasted unfold as he sings, reflecting the past: “Back in the spring of ’81/ You had boy, yeah, you had a son/ What you wanted was a sports car/ What you wanted was a sports car”. Though the song’s narrative marches forward through time the pain in his voice carries on through the end of the song.

He continued, “The song tries to address this by singing about my mom. Huh? Confusing right?! Now, imagine how confused you would be when the person who’s supposed to care about you abandons you before you’re even born. Thanks to Mina and Heather for leading the way and making such a tender video to accompany the track.” 

Watch the video for Bahamas’ “Sports Car” below.

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