Dead & Company Break Down Final Tour by Numbers, John Mayer Shares Comment on Band’s Future

Dead & Company Break Down Final Tour by Numbers, John Mayer Shares Comment on Band’s Future

Photo Credit: Jay Blakesberg

On Sunday, July 16, Dead & Company concluded their 2023 Final Tour with three sold-out concerts at Oracle Park in San Francisco, drawing a crowd of 120,000 fans. Their final tour was the most successful in the band’s eight-year history, bringing 840,000 attendees out during the cross-country trek. To mark their triumphant finale, the group shared their record-setting numbers. 

Since the band’s 2015 debut, Dead & Company has completed 10 tours and performed in front of more than 4 million fans. During the Final Tour, they ran through 112 songs, including “Drums” > “Space” and the newly formed “Dark Star on the Big River Jam.” Since the band’s inception, they have delivered 145 unique songs during their 235 show history. 

Photo Credit: AEG/David Veltri

Beginning with Folsom Field in Boulder, Colo., the group shared that their three-night stand sold 130,000 tickets. Dead & Company currently holds the record number of performances at the venue, with 13 shows. The previous record for most shows played at Folsom by a single artist was three, held by both the Grateful Dead and The Rolling Stones. 

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Pertaining to their Wrigley Field dates, Dead & Company is the all-time leader in the number of shows played at the famed ballpark, with 10 performances across five tours (2017, 2019, 2021, 2022 and 2023), as well as the all-time leader in overall paid attendance with 360,000 tickets sold across these shows. Additionally, they reign on top for single-show paid attendance when they set the record in 2017 with more than 40,000 tickets sold.

The band also holds the record for number of performances at Citi Field in Queens, N.Y., with 11 shows. In 2023 Dead & Company returned to Citi Field to perform for almost 74,000 fans during two sold-out concerts. The band also broke Boston’s (Fenway Park) all-time attendance record for the most tickets sold in a single night, previously held by Aerosmith.

Photo Credit: Jay Blakesberg

In addition, Dead & Company also shared that its charitable initiatives since 2015 have raised more than $13 million to support nonprofits, environmental and social causes such as Parks Conservation Association, The Jerry Garcia Foundation, Heart And Armor Foundation, Gorilla Doctors,, OXFAM, MusiCares, Surfrider Foundation, WhyHunger, iGiveTrees, Positive Legacy, Further Foundation, Conscious Alliance, Rainforest Action Network, Last Prisoner Project, HAPA, SPLC, and dozens of local and regional nonprofit groups.

Participation Row auctions, in partnership with nonpartisan and nonprofit voter registration organization HeadCount, surpassed $2,033,000 raised for charity during this year’s Final Tour. The count includes $355,000 from the Mickey Hart fine art auctions held in NYC and over the three nights at Oracle Park. 

Moreover, their positive impact has resulted in 25,000 fans registering to vote. On the topic of sustainability, Dead & Company continued their work with longtime partner REVERB to reduce the tour’s environmental footprint and encourage fans to take action, resulting in 1.6+ million dedicated to greenhouse gas reductions and climate justice projects, 51,000 tonnes of CO2e neutralized and more positive change. 

John Mayer summarized his time with the group, leaving room for the future, and noting:  “@deadandcompany is still a band – we just don’t know what the next show will be. I speak for us all when I say that I look forward to being shown the next shaft of light… I know we will all move towards it together.” Click here to read the guitarist’s full post via Instagram.

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