‘Acts of Faith’ Unveiled: SAULT’s Live Debut in London

‘Acts of Faith’ Unveiled: SAULT’s Live Debut in London

Last night, SAULT held a groundbreaking performance at the Drumsheds in London. The enigmatic collective showcased their musical prowess with a spectacle that blurred the lines between immersive theatre and a live concert.

Known for their soulful avant-garde sound and sense of mystery, SAULT took the stage for the first time in their career despite having released 10 albums in just four years. Rightfully, the collective–spearheaded by the imaginative producer Inflo and featuring Cleo Sol as the primary vocalist–had fans eagerly anticipating their debut live show, having announced a “New unreleased album live for the first and only time” on Instagram just a few weeks before.

The concert sold out within three hours, unleashing 3,000 tickets to the 15,000-person venue, guaranteeing their dedicated following would not miss a moment of their spectacle and have enough room to move to respond to it through dance. Additionally, SAULT’s members playfully concealed their identities through sunglasses, shrouds and more, adding to a sense of freedom of expression, living and breathing in the venue.

The experience and live album were titled Acts of Faith, and the unique moniker was justified from the get-go. From the front door to the stage, fans were bombarded with artistry. They were welcomed with art displays, moving from the psychedelic dreamscape of an entrance to a cobweb-covered factory to a mirrored hall of cactuses and more before arriving at a warehouse drenched in blue light, complete with spaces for an orchestra, a choir, and a live band. The production far exceeded the bounds of a conventional gig, making space for ballet, catwalks, breakdancing and more.

The two-and-a-half-hour set unfolded in three distinct chapters. The first showcased new material, crisp and complex percussion solos, and highlights from their back catalog; the second chapter presented the nine segments of Acts of Faith; and the final phase resembled a greatest hits set, featuring first-ever live performances of beloved tracks from “Wildfire” to “Why Why Why Why Why.”

The visual spectacle and unprecedented experience have led fans to express their elation and share their experience on social media. Get a glimpse of SAULT’s live debut, Acts of Faith, below.

Drumsheds – London
Dec. 14, 2023

Air, 4am, Time Is Precious

Ipadi jo, Kpanlogo, Fontonmom, Asbeku, Fear No Man (with Little Simz), Ever So Lonely, Gods Will

Acts Of Faith: Sunrise Set Your Spirit Free, God Will Help You, Heal, Turn It Around, Lessons, Only For You, Signs, Pray For Me

X, Glory/Bitter Streets, Free, Let Me Go, Over, I Just Want To Dance, Warrior, Faith, Angel, Masterpiece, Fight For Love, Don’t Waste My Time (with Kid Sister), Up All Night, Son Shine, Why Why Why Why Why, Colour Blind (with Michael Kiwanuka), Strong, Black Is, Wildfires

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