YSL RICO Case Update: Jury Seating To Begin Amidst Young Thug’s Health Concerns

YSL RICO Case Update: Jury Seating To Begin Amidst Young Thug’s Health Concerns

In a significant development in the YSL RICO case, a Fulton County judge has announced that jury seating will commence in November 2023. With Young Thug’s health concerns and lengthy pretrial detention, his legal team has persisted in advocating for his release on bond.

‘Longest In Georgia History’

An attorney representing Young Thug has confirmed that Judge Ural Glanville, during a court session on Monday, October 30, announced his intention to commence jury selection on Wednesday, November 1. 

This change in scheduling complies with Georgia’s speedy trial law, prompting an earlier start to the process. Jeffery Williams, known by his stage name, Young Thug, had initially requested a speedy trial shortly after his arrest in May 2022. 

The court deliberated on whether this request needed to be fulfilled by November 6 at the latest, which subsequently prompted Judge Glanville to expedite the jury selection process. 

The selection process, which commenced in January 2023, hit a roadblock in April when defense attorneys called it the “longest in Georgia history.” However, the process has reached a crucial point, with jury seating slated to begin this week. 

Young Thug’s Health Concerns

Despite repeated attempts by his attorneys, the bond has been denied, leading to concerns about the rapper’s declining health and well-being during his prolonged stay at the Cobb County Jail. Sleep deprivation due to court appearances and inadequate nutrition have been cited as factors contributing to his deteriorating condition.

“This lifestyle has caused physical harm to Mr. Williams,” Young Thug’s lawyer said at the June 2023 hearing, adding that issues with his kidneys coupled with the environment in prison have caused him to gain weight. 

Attorneys Denial Of Claims 

Prosecutors have presented their case, alleging that Young Thug is the key figure within the alleged gang known as YSL (Young Slime Life). Referring to him as “King Slime,” in previous hearings, they claim to possess evidence of witness intimidation. 

Conversely, Young Thug’s legal team vehemently denies these allegations, asserting that YSL is merely his record label, Young Stoner Life, and discrediting the existence of a street gang.

Despite the case’s progression, Young Thug’s co-defendants have pursued various paths. Some have accepted plea deals, resulting in their release from custody, while others have been dropped from the case altogether. 

However, seven defendants out of the original 28 indicted individuals, remain set to go to trial together.

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Young Thug Hospitalized For Chest Pains Amidst, Lil Rod’s Dad Says Case Is A “Scam”

Young Thug has been hospitalized for two consecutive days due to severe chest pains. This health scare has further complicated his ongoing legal battles, causing delays in pretrial hearings. The Atlanta rapper’s lawyers attribute his condition to exhaustion and malnutrition, which he allegedly experienced during his time in jail. Meanwhile, co-defendant Lil Rod’s father continues to assert his son’s innocence.

Young Thug’s Hospitalization & Legal Implications

Young Thug’s recent hospitalization for chest pains has raised concerns among fans and legal professionals alike. On May 12, his lawyers informed Judge Ural Granville that he could not proceed with pretrial hearings due to his health condition. 

The rapper’s prolonged incarceration since his arrest on RICO charges has taken a toll on his well-being, with his legal team citing exhaustion and malnutrition as contributing factors.

The Slime Season artist’s hospitalization is the latest complex YSL RICO trial timeline event. This high-profile case has seen various developments, including the recent arrest of Young Thug’s brother, Unfoonk, on gun charges and the unfortunate passing of his older sister while he remained behind bars. 

Lil Rod’s Dad Says His Son Is Innocent

Co-defendant Lil Rod’s court appearance with marijuana hidden in the lining of his underwear added to the chaos surrounding the trial. Lil Rod’s father has passionately asserted his son’s innocence, claiming that he has been unjustly tied to a murder he did not commit, according to an exclusive interview with Infamous Sylvia. “This case has nothing to do with Rodelius Jr. That’s on my life,” he said. “They are using my son as a scapegoat!”

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Young Thug’s Attorney Files 4th Motion For Bond Release

Young Thug’s legal team has filed a motion requesting that the rapper be granted bond as he remains incarcerated in a county jail. The motion cites health concerns, including limited access to healthy food. Thug’s attorney argues that conditions can be imposed to permit a bond to be set.

Young Thug’s Health Conditions

In the motion filed on April 24, Thug’s attorney Brian Steel listed several reasons his client needs to be released on bond. He claims that the rapper is “languishing” in the County Jail without access to healthy food options and has to rely on food with “zero health benefits,” like chocolate and chips. 

The motion also states that Thug has had little access to fresh air and sunlight since May 2022, outside of when he’s transported to and from the courthouse, and exercise is limited due to the small cell. Steel claims the rapper is “sleep-deprived” due to only 5 hrs of sleep each night and must wake up between  3 am-4 am for court dates.

Chaos in Court & New Allegations

Before filing the latest motion, there was chaos in court during Young Thug’s YSL trial. On April 19th and 20th, the Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta, GA, was disrupted during the YSL trial jury selection. The incidents involved the arrest and charging of defendant Miles Farley’s attorney, Anastasios Manettas, Esq, and YSL Lil Rod’s arrest for marijuana possession during a strip search. Both incidents caused a delay in the trial proceedings.

Thug is also facing new allegations, with YSL Woody claiming in a recent video that the rapper is organizing a hit from behind bars. Additionally, Thug was accused of making a drug deal in court on April 7. He was allegedly caught on tape passing a note to his legal team with details of a drug transaction.

YSL RICO Case Timeline

The Young Thug YSL RICO trial at the Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta, GA has been marred by many controversies and disruptions. Stay updated on the YSL trial through SOHH’s timeline HERE.

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