‘Young Sheldon’ Star Lance Barber Made Special Cameo at Character’s Funeral

‘Young Sheldon’ Star Lance Barber Made Special Cameo at Character’s Funeral

While the final episodes of Young Sheldon included the death of George Sr. and his funeral, Lance Barber wasn’t completely absent in the finale. Of course, the actor still appeared in the first part of the finale, “Funeral,” as George Sr.’s coffin was open before the actual funeral started so the Coopers and friends could say goodbye. But Barber was actually attended his character’s funeral after the coffin closed, and it’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo.

A spokesperson confirmed to Deadline that Barber had dressed up as a grieving woman, in full attire with a silver wig, glasses, and a wine-colored dress. While Montana Jordan’s Georgie was delivering his eulogy, Barber was standing at the back of the chapel, but as an old woman. Additionally, the spokesperson said that Barber “surprised everyone and showed up like that.” It likely made an otherwise heartbreaking scene a little easier to film with Barber still on set and watching his on-screen family and friends deliver heartfelt eulogies.

George Sr. died off-screen in Season 7, Episode 12, “A New Home and a Traditional Texas Torture,” and it was explained that he had a heart attack. The death had long been anticipated since the beginning of Young Sheldon, due to The Big Bang Theory, since Sheldon revealed that he lost his father when he was a teenager. Young Sheldon foreshadowed George Sr.’s death on numerous occasions, and it was assumed that it would be happening at some point in the final season, but it was hard to predict when. When Episode 12 ended, it was definitely a heartbreaking surprise, despite fans expecting it.

What isn’t so heartbreaking is knowing that Lance Barber was still on set when the funeral was happening. It’s even better that he didn’t tell anyone that he would be on set as a grieving old woman. It makes the heartbreaking scene a little lighter for the cast, crew, and fans. Luckily, fans are able to rewatch the finale on Paramount+, with the first six seasons streaming on Max and Netflix. There are many heartfelt and funny moments to relive on Young Sheldon, and now it may be just a little easier watching the funeral scene because of Barber being in the chapel at the same time. Fans will have to be on the lookout to see if they can spot him.

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