Ying Yang Twins’ D-Roc Makes Solo Debut With “America’s Most Wanted” Album

Ying Yang Twins’ D-Roc Makes Solo Debut With “America’s Most Wanted” Album

D-Roc, one-half of the Grammy-nominated hip-hop duo Ying Yang Twins, is again making waves in the music industry, with his solo debut album America’s Most Wanted. The talented artist took to his Instagram to announce the album’s release on July 17, now available for streaming on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and Livemixtapes.

“America’s Most Wanted”

To drum up excitement and anticipation for America’s Most Wanted, D-Roc has been engaging with his fans in a fun and playful way. He has been asking them, “What you doing?” and in response, his loyal followers proudly declare, “I’m D-rocking.” This clever interaction has only added to the buzz surrounding the album.

The Ying Yang Twins

The Ying Yang Twins, with their unique style and infectious energy, have been creating music for over two decades. They made their impressive debut in 2000 with the single “Whistle While You Twurk,” released under the independent label Worthnothi

Since then, the dynamic duo has left an indelible mark on the hip-hop scene and has collaborated with notable artists such as Britney Spears, Usher, Lil Jon, Mike Jones, and many more.

With such a storied career as part of the Ying Yang Twins, it’s no surprise that D-Roc is ready to step into the spotlight with his solo project. D-Roc has faced challenges, including a recent onstage collapse during a concert in Missouri headlined by Vanilla Ice. 

However, his resilience and determination have brought him back stronger than ever, proving that he is indeed “America’s Most Wanted” in hip-hop.

Quavo Set To Drop “Rocket Power”

As D-Roc embarks on his solo journey, Quavo, a former member of Migos, has also ventured into solo projects. Quavo’s highly anticipated second studio album, Rocket Power, promises to unveil the untold story of the trio and their experiences before and after the passing of Takeoff, shedding light on the individual artistic pursuits of the former group members.

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