Will ‘Big Brother Reindeer Games’ Stream on Netflix?

Will ‘Big Brother Reindeer Games’ Stream on Netflix?

We’ve got a long time before Big Brother Season 26 airs on CBS, but fans got a bit of a stop-gap in the form of Big Brother Reindeer Games. BBRG is a spinoff of the core game in which Big Brother legends compete in a series of holiday-themed contests. The six-episode Season 1 aired on CBS in December, with episodes airing on Paramount+ the next day, just like standard Big Brother seasons.

However, will Big Brother Reindeer Games stream on Netflix? Paramount+ is the go-to hub for Big Brother fans, being as it hosts all seasons of the standard show and two of the spinoffs (Reindeer Games and Celebrity Big Brother). However, Netflix has been a solid spot for more casual BB viewers. 

Netflix typically hosts two seasons of the CBS reality contest at a time, with seasons changing every few months. As of the time of this writing, Netflix hosts Season 6 (on of our personal favorites) and Season 17. While that is a lot of hours of Big Brother to stream, it’s still not new, which is always alluring in the streaming age.

Paramount has not announced any plans for Big Brother Reindeer Games to stream on any other U.S. platform aside from Paramount+. Likewise, Netflix has not disclosed any plans to license the rights to the program. So, as of right now, there is no sign of Big Brother Reindeer Games coming to Netflix. However, given the two parties’ relationship with standard BB seasons, it’s not out of the question that Netflix could add it one day.

If you’re looking for a competition-heavy, small-sized season of Big Brother, we recommend just subscribing to Paramount+ to watch Big Brother Reindeer Games Season 1’s six episodes. It’s fun and festive with numerous unpredictable contest outcomes. Plus, we love seeing some of the greatest Big Brother players of all time, such as Danielle Reyes and Britney Haynes, back on our TVs.


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