Why I AM D Should Be One Of Australia’s Most Celebrated Emcees

Why I AM D Should Be One Of Australia’s Most Celebrated Emcees

Brisbane rapper I AM D has been around for a minute now, with his music grabbing the ears and attention of more and more people with every single release off the back of what was a breakout 2016, and a consistently stellar 2017. 

Now, he’s bounced back into 2018 with what is a triumphant new single, Reinvest, produced by frequent collaborator and master BNE producer James Angus. While the single is dynamic and different, it stays true to what we’ve come to expect from D, in the best way possible.

Trail blazing a niche sound for himself, the BNE wordsmith has distinct vocals and flows that are as abrasive as they are groundbreaking, and now, recognisable.

Instead of following trends, it’s so crystal clear that I AM D is more focused on being ahead of the curve… or better yet, it almost seems like he has no real intention to worry about current trends or what’s popping’ when it comes to making his own art.

That trait, to be able to stay true to himself and his strengths is not only admirable, but something that is incredibly underrated and overlooked in Hip-Hop, full stop.

His latest single, Reinvest, is a successful come-back anthem, only emphasising what we already knew. That he is a unique lyricist with sharp, cutting edge rhyme schemes, booming, abrasive vocals and an idiosyncratic flow that is bound to place him in an incomparable position, sooner rather than later.



Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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