Who’s Next: Mitchos Da Menace’s Sydney artists to watch in 2020

Who’s Next: Mitchos Da Menace’s Sydney artists to watch in 2020

Mitchos Da Menace is the West Sydney emcee with a story to tell and bars to go with it, having accumulated over 6 million channel views on YouTube, Mitchos is one of Sydney’s most respected and reverent rappers.

Mitchos Da Menace gave us five of the most promising Sydney artists to keep a close eye on throughout 2020.

Isaac Puerile

“The G deserves some shine aye, he’s a crazy good emcee with a new steez but most of all a good person which means more (or at least should) in this game! I see big things for him no doubt.”

RG Wings

“RG Wings has been progressing and he wants this shit hard you can tell, and hard work will always pay off.”


“This kid is the one mark my words. He’s still a teen and he’s like the only one other than Kerser I wanted on my album. My lil’ brother has the biggest future in the game 100%. I got love for this dude, he’s so unique too, once you hear what he did on my album he’s going to be known.”

Christian Dean

“My G is crazy good and his energy is next to none, I sense the hunger in him that won’t be fucked with in this game, especially in the next few years. He will be something special – and he’s also the older brother of LDS.”


“This dudes been putting in work for a few years now and I’m going to be honest as I always am to the fans and the scene – I don’t give a fuck what I say in other words. I was up and down on this kid at the start wondering who he’s style was molded from, but over the years he turned into his own voice and style and I’ll take my hat off to him for that, he deserves a lot more and I believe it’s coming for him. All love my brah, get it.”

“That’s my 5, and I ain’t really fucking with many people these days. Australia has to come together more and stop thinking fans and numbers, and start thinking like humans and decent people.” – Mitchos Da Menace.

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