Who’s Next: Jessica Jade’s Sydney artists to watch in 2020

Who’s Next: Jessica Jade’s Sydney artists to watch in 2020

From X-Factor contestant as a teen to one of South-West Sydney’s most prolific R&B songwriters, Jessica Jade has long had her finger on the pulse of all dope music coming out of Sydney and it’s surrounding areas.

Jess gave us five of the most promising Sydney artists to keep a close eye on in the coming months.


“I’ve been listening to Freesouls since before I even put out my first single! Their music is so sick, on that trippy stoner vibe that’s made for the soul.”


“I’m a huge fan of the way he writes. I’m an even bigger fan of the way he incorporates so much of his personal life into his music and art. I feel like you don’t see that from a lot of rappers coming up.”


“Latifa makes music for herself and I admire that so much about her. Cupid is such a sweet and gentle track, and the remix is so her!”


“Yo this girl is something special. She produces all her own music and her vocals are so clean. There is seriously something so fluid about artists that can write, got talent and do their own production.”


“This man produced and wrote his whole album ‘Plastic Woman’. I love his flow and lyrics, such a vibe.”

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