Who’s Next: Adrian Eagle’s Artists To Watch In 2019

Who’s Next: Adrian Eagle’s Artists To Watch In 2019

We asked a number of accomplished and established Hip-Hop/R&B artists in Australia what young rappers they think will make an impact in 2018 for our ‘Who’s Next’ series, today, ARIA award winner Adrian Eagle gives us his picks.

Adrian Eagle’s Artists To Watch In 2019: Thandi, Krown, Genesis Owusu, DRMNGNOW

Adrian Eagle: “Not many people have heard about her yet but from what I’ve heard Thandi is amazing and has a special voice. She is releasing solo work this year and check her out Based in Sydney, singing with 1800-Motherfunk Band”

Adrian Eagle: “Based in Melbourne is Krown. An amazing MC, he’s studied the greats and is one himself, check out the flow he chooses to only speak on important topics. Plus he is still young, amazing to think how good he is already. We’ve hosted workshops together in Melbourne and he is a young leader with a positive message.

Adrian Eagle: “Genesis Owusu – all bangers! He’s already blowing up but genesis is set to take over even further! Love his latest releases and I’m sure his future releases this year will be special as always.”

Adrian Eagle: “DRMNGNOW – powerful MC from Naarm/Melbourne is set to have his album coming sometime this year and it is important that his message and music is heard and thought about! Love the flow.

Allday will be giving us his picks on who to watch later this week, keep up to date on our Instagram or Facebook


Written by Jarrod van der Staay

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