Wendy Williams Producer Addresses Rumored TV Comeback Amid Health Woes

Wendy Williams Producer Addresses Rumored TV Comeback Amid Health Woes

It’s not going to be so easy for Wendy Williams to return to television. The former TV host was diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia (FTD) in 2023, the same dementia as Bruce Willis. She previously shared her gratitude via a statement from her representative, and despite Williams remaining positive, her comeback to TV won’t be happening any time soon.

Williams hosted The Wendy Williams Show from 2008 to 2021. Although fans might have hoped that she would return to the small screen, either with another talk show or different format, Suzanne Bass, a former co-executive producer of The Wendy Williams Show, tells People that it’s unlikely Williams will be making a TV comeback due to her condition.

“Since Wendy’s been off the air, there’s been a huge void in both daytime TV and pop culture,” Bass shared. “I think there’s always been a glimmer of hope for a comeback for her, but since this diagnosis, that seems impossible. It makes me very sad. I do know it takes time to diagnose conditions like this. I’m saddened by it all. Because people are constantly saying, “Would it be great if Wendy makes a comeback?'”

Wendy Williams’ dementia diagnosis came after her medical struggles with Grave’s’ disease and lymphedema and “after undergoing a battery of medical tests,” according to her team. Although a return to television is not in the books, the statement said that she “is still able to do many things for herself. Most importantly, she maintains her trademark sense of humor and is receiving the care she requires to make sure she is protected and that her needs are addressed. She is appreciative of the many kind thoughts and good wishes being sent her way.”

It’s definitely unfortunate that Williams is in this position, and it’s heartbreaking knowing that she won’t be able to return to television. Her talk show was always pretty entertaining, and her personality was pretty unique. The fact that she is still staying positive and sticking with her sense of humor shows that she is as brave as ever and ready to fight whatever comes next. Maybe she will surprise us all, and a miracle will happen. At the very least, perhaps she could make a surprise appearance on a talk show or at an awards show. Just because she can’t return to her own talk show doesn’t mean that she can’t return to a talk show.


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