Watch: New Nicolas Cage Horror Movie ‘Longlegs’ Debuts Unsettling Teaser Trailer

Watch: New Nicolas Cage Horror Movie ‘Longlegs’ Debuts Unsettling Teaser Trailer

Nicolas Cage has a brand new horror movie on the way, Longlegs, and we now have an unsettling debut teaser trailer for the film. Per a synopsis of the film shared by Variety, Longlegs followed Lee Harker, a talented young FBI agent who has “been assigned to an unsolved case of a serial killer. As the investigation becomes more complicated with occult evidence uncovered, Harker realizes a personal link to the ruthless killer and must act quickly to prevent another family murder.”

Harker is played by Maika Monroe (It Follows), and it is speculated that Cage might be playing the serial killer she’s hunting. Additional cast members include Alicia Witt and Blair Underwood. Longlegs is written and directed by Osgood Perkins, who has helmed a handful of acclaimed horror films, such as The Blackcoat’s Daughter and Gretel & Hansel. Notably, Perkins got his start as an actor, playing Young Norman Bates in Psycho II before going on to appear in movies like Legally Blonde, Secretary, and Star Trek (2009). His most recent acting role was in Jordan Peele’s Nope, in 2022. Longlegs is scheduled to be released by Neon on July 12.

While fans likely can’t wait for Cage’s new movie, it could be one of the last times they see him on the big screen. Recently, the actor dropped a major revelation, saying that he believes he is nearing retirement from acting in movies. The Oscar-winning actor recently spoke with Vanity Fair and, during the conversation, he said,”I may have three or four more movies left in me. I do feel I’ve said what I’ve had to say with cinema.” 

“I think I took film performance as far as I could,” Cage continued. “I do want to get much more severe and stringent in my selection process … I want to say bye on a high note.” The 60-year-old husband and father of three went on to note that his father passed away at the age of 75, so while he has “hopefully more” than 15 years left, he chooses to use that amount of time as a gauge for how he spends his time. “What do I want to do with those 15 years, using my father as the model?” Cage asked. “It occurred very clearly to me that I want to spend time with my family … I’m starting to cement my plan.” Cage did go on to say, however, that he may be open to trying television acting, which he hasn’t done as of yet.

Cage has appeared in over a hundred movies throughout his career. Most recently he starred in A24’s Dream Scenario, playing college professor Paul Matthews, a mild-mannered family man who “finds his life turned upside down when millions of strangers suddenly start seeing him in their dreams. However, when his nighttime appearances take a nightmarish turn, he’s forced to navigate the consequences of his newfound stardom.” The film has been critically acclaimed and earned Cage a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy.


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