Two Reality TV Legends Spark Romance Rumors With ‘Holiday Fling’

Two Reality TV Legends Spark Romance Rumors With ‘Holiday Fling’

An unexpected romance is developing between two stars of the British reality show The Only Way Is Essex. Dan Edgar, 33, and Ella Rae Wise, 23, had a holiday fling while filming out in Bali, according to The Sun.

Pictures from the outlet show the couple kissing on a sunbed after wrapping their arms around each other. Wise is seen leaning in close and kissing Edgar on the cheek as they take a cozy selfie together.

As they enjoyed a fun date in paradise at a beach bar overlooking the ocean, the couple also appeared to have made a “pinkie promise” before taking shots. An insider told The Sun, “Dan and Ella have been growing close while on the away trip with their friends.

“Ella’s always had a thing for Dan, and the cast could sense there was chemistry between them. “On a night out with the rest of the cast, Dan and Ella kissed and have spending time together ever since. “The fling is set to cause major drama and fallouts between the group.”

Wise became a cast member on ITV‘s The Only Way Is Essex with former close friends Kelsey Stratford and Chloe Brockett. On the Bali trip, she is traveling with Edgar’s ex-girlfriend Amber Turner, who has an on-and-off feud with her.

Last May, Edgar and Turner ended their six-year relationship. Since they first got together in 2017, they have experienced highs and lows over the span of the long-running reality show. Meanwhile, rumors suggested Edgar had grown close to Wise during his relationship with Turner. It was reported that they had been spotted dancing together in a nightclub.

Due to the situation, there were fights between Wise and Turner, which resulted in both of them unfollowing each other on social media. As for Wise, her relationship with her mystery man ended just before Christmas, according to The Sun.

She had been dating him since May 2023 and shared snaps of their exploits on social media but never revealed his identity. As part of her Instagram story, she posted a quote that implied she was single during the holiday season when she said: “Some people come to your life just to let you know that you deserve better.”


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