Travis Scott Teams Up With Audemars Piguet: AP’s Influence In Hip-Hop

Travis Scott Teams Up With Audemars Piguet: AP’s Influence In Hip-Hop

Travis Scott has unveiled a significant collaboration with the esteemed Swiss luxury jewelry brand Audemars Piguet, highlighting the brand’s growing influence in the hip-hop community. The Houston rapper recently took to Instagram to introduce a limited-edition Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Openworked watch. 

‘From Houston To Switzerland’

Travis Scott has revealed his collaboration with Swiss luxury jewelry brand Audemars Piguet (AP), solidifying the brand’s influence in the hip-hop community.

The announcement, made on November 30 through Scott’s Instagram account, showcased a new Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Openworked limited-edition watch crafted in brown ceramic – a first for Audemars Piguet. With an average cost ranging between $50,000 to over $100,000 for exclusive models, the price point for the collaboration remains undisclosed, requiring interested consumers to schedule an appointment or request pricing details. 

The UTOPIA artist unveiled the news on his Instagram, expressing:

“IT Took me and the gang four years. And now it’s time literally, Never been more excited, From Houston to Switzerland.”

Audemars Piguet, also took to their Instagram writing:

“Unveiling a new Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Openworked limited edition in collaboration with brand and label @CactusJack, founded by American artist Travis Scott. Crafted in brown ceramic – a first for Audemars Piguet – this new 41 mm model illustrates free and daring spirit, as well as our ability to push back the boundaries of watchmaking.” 

AP’s Influence On Hip-Hop

Travis Scott’s affinity for Audemars Piguet is no secret. His verses are peppered with references to the prestigious brand, solidifying his place as a prominent ambassador. In his latest album, UTOPIA, the Houston native raps in the track “MELTDOWN,” proclaiming:

“Chocolate AP and Chocolate the Vs, Got the Willa Wonka factory.” Older hits like “Watch,” featuring Lil Uzi Vert and Kanye West, also showcase Scott’s admiration for the brand, as he enthusiastically raps, “Yeah, man’s on the frontline ’cause man’s on his deen, No small faces, it’s just an AP beamin’.”

The collaboration between Travis Scott and Audemars Piguet sheds light on the brand’s significant influence within the hip-hop community. Here are some other hip-hop artists who have given the luxury Swiss brand a shoutout in their lyrics:

Dess Dior – ‘Rich B*tch’ (2020)

“Rich b*tch sh*t, I hit Chase and break the bank though/Carti on my wrist, I hit wafi drop the bankroll/AP comin’ next, I make sure that b*tch is two-toned/Hold my wrist up, I got em sick, send em to Blue Cross.”

Gunna – ‘Oh Okay’ (2018)

“Audemar wrist, count it then spend it/Matted the coupe, my windows tinted/Chop off the top, headed to Lennox”

Don Toliver – ‘Private Landing’ (2023)

“Diamonds and Margiela, AP canary yellow/She deserves a Patek, cause she on of the members/When it comes to Saldava, money not a probleM/Turned me to a killer, I just smashed a model”

Drake – ‘N 2 Deep’ (2021)

“Got some bad b*tches/That’s gon’ f*ck me for that AP/F*ck me for that AP, f*ck me for that AP”

Jay-Z feat Kanye West – ‘N*ggas In Paris’ (2011)

“Ball so hard, got a broke clock/Rollies that don’t tick-tock/Audemars that’s losing time, hidden behind all these big rocks.”

The Mastermind Behind Hip-Hop & Rock Fusion

A similar trend of hip-hop artists aligning with high-end luxury brands has been observed recently. Yasiin Bey and Talib Kweli became the faces of the high-luxe brand Amiri, further demonstrating the influence of fashion within the hip-hop world. The fusion of rockstar and hip-hop fashion has been masterfully executed by designer Mike Amiri, offering a fresh perspective on the intersection between music and high fashion. 

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