The Game, Mase, Michelle Williams & Other Celebrities Who Found GOD And Turned Their Lives Around

The Game, Mase, Michelle Williams & Other Celebrities Who Found GOD And Turned Their Lives Around

Celebrities such as Mase, The Game, Michelle Williams, and many others were looking for a spiritual connection with GOD and pursued a spiritual path to make up for life’s mistakes. Here are 12 celebrities who changed their lives and turned to their Christian faith.

Celebrities Who Turned To Christianity 


The 90s sensation first retired from rap in 1999 after his second album Double Up to become a Christian and follow GOD.  During an interview on New York’s Hot 97 radio station, with DJ Funkmaster Flex, Mase said,

“I gotta do what makes me happy,” Mase said on turning his life to GOD. “A lot of people going to say I’m crazy, I’m leaving money behind and a lot of things but it’s just how I feel in my heart.”

“Once GOD puts something in your heart, you know, GOD talks to everyone differently,” he added.

The Game

In 2012, West Coast rapper The Game appeared to have a new outlook on life after revealing getting baptized in 2011 had prompted him to take religion more seriously.

During an interview with Jenny Boom Boom TV, he shared why he named his album Jesus Piece at the time.

“I’m calling [my new album] Jesus Piece ’cause last year in August I got baptized, and so I’ve been going to church, but I still have been kinda doing me out here,” Game said in an interview. 

“I still love the strip club,” he continued, “and I still smoke and drink. I’m faithful to my family, so I wanted to make an album where you could love GOD and be of GOD, but still get it poppin’ in your life.”

Michelle Williams

The former member of the popular R&B group Destiny’s Child first grew up in the church as a teenager singing in the choir. 

Michelle Williams released her first solo Gospel album, Heart To Yours in 2002, during a hiatus from the group for two years from 2001-2003. 

In addition, Williams released two more solo Gospel albums, Do You Know (2004) and Journey To Freedom (2014).

Snoop Dogg

The Doggfather released an album called Bible of Love, which was released in 2018 after he converted to a Christian. Snoop Dogg faced harsh criticism due to his past with gangster music and talking about drugs. The “Beautiful” artist had previously gone into religion by joining the Nation of Islam in 2009.

Salt From Salt-N-Pepa

Cheryl “Salt” James, one of the members of the popular hip-hop group Salt-N-Pepa, had become a born-again Christian. In the interview, James discusses her newfound faith and how it impacted her life and career. 

She also shared advice for Christian youth, encouraging them to avoid the negative influences of the music industry and to stay true to their values and beliefs.

James emphasized that success and fame are not always what they seem and that “all that glitters ain’t gold.” She encourages young people to seek GOD and trust in his plan for their lives.

Shyne & NBA YoungBoy

Shyne became interested in practicing Judaism while in prison in 2006. It caused him to evaluate the kind of music he was making such as violence and lyrics being perceived to be against women.

On the other hand, Louisiana rapper NBA YoungBoy said he is considering becoming a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, also known as Mormons or LDS. YoungBoy candidly spoke about his potential baptism during his cover interview with Billboard.  

Pam From Total 

Pam, one of the members of the R&B group Total, recently shared a powerful message about the importance of faith and how it has played a role in her life and career.

Growing up in New Jersey, Pam was raised in a religious household and attended church regularly. She credits her faith with helping her stay focused and motivated as she pursued her dream of becoming a singer.

In the early 1990s, Pam joined Total, a group that would go on to achieve massive success with hits like “Can’t You See” and “Trippin’.” Throughout her time in the music industry, she has leaned on her faith to help her navigate the ups and downs of the business.

Kevin Gates

This Louisiana rapper made headlines when he announced that he had converted to Islam. Kevin Gates was previously known for his provocative lyrics and public image, explained in a video interview that he had been drawn to Islam because of its emphasis on discipline and spirituality.

Gates, whose real name is Kevin Jerome Gilyard, revealed that he had been practicing Islam for two years before publicly declaring his faith. He described the religion as “beautiful” and said that it had helped him find inner peace and purpose.

Ciara & Russell Wilson

The popular celeb couple has opened up about the importance of their Christian faith in their relationship, particularly in regard to their decision to abstain from sex before marriage.

Ciara, a successful singer, and songwriter, and Russell Wilson, an NFL quarterback, began dating in 2015 and were married in 2016. Prior to their wedding, the couple publicly announced they had decided to remain celibate until they exchanged vows.


DMX turned to prayer and began reading the Bible while in prison. The late rapper found comfort and solace in his faith, and after his release, he continued to pursue his spiritual journey. In an interview with GQ, DMX spoke about the role that God played in his life — “I just felt like GOD was using me as a vessel, that I was doing his work,” he said.

The late  “Party Up” artist became increasingly vocal about his faith, incorporating it into his music and sharing his testimony with fans. He released a gospel album, Undisputed, in 2012, and continued to speak openly about his struggles and his relationship with GOD.

Blac Chyna Quits OnlyFans, Finds GOD

Another public figure has also revealed they found themselves in a place with GOD.
Reality TV star and entrepreneur Blac Chyna recently made headlines after she announced her departure from OnlyFans, the adult content subscription platform. She also made the decision to pursue a new career path that reflects her values and newfound faith and to go by her real name Angela White.

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