‘The Floor’: Two Contestants Go Head-to-Head in Geography in Season Finale (Exclusive Clip)

‘The Floor’: Two Contestants Go Head-to-Head in Geography in Season Finale (Exclusive Clip)

The two-hour season finale of Fox game show The Floor is almost here. Premiering on Fox’s 2024 winter/spring schedule, the series is hosted by Rob Lowe and is based around a floor of 81 squares, each of which is occupied by a contestant. Pairs of contestants go head-to-head in trivia duels, and the winner takes over the loser’s territory. With only 17 contestants left, the season finale will mark the first ever The Floor champion, and PopCulture.com has an exclusive sneak peek.

In the exclusive clip, business developer Tim challenges plumbing sales rep Claire to a duel on geography, which Claire is an expert in. “This game is about what you know and what you don’t know,” Tim shares in the clip. “And I know geography. Game on.” While Claire says that Tim is confident about taking her on, she is not just some dumb blonde. She is ready to prove herself and show why her friends call her a “walking encyclopedia.” She is looking to win that $250,000.

It seems like the finalists are in it to win it and are keeping their eyes on the prize. It’s been a long season of intense duels and takeovers, and these final two hours of the season will determine who will win it all. There is no telling if Claire will be able to make it out of this geography challenge or if Tim made the right decision and comes out on top. Even if you haven’t been watching all season, you will still want to watch the finale tonight because it is still anyone’s game.

Meanwhile, news on the show’s future have yet to be announced. As of now, Fox has not revealed whether or not The Floor will be coming back for a second season. If it does, it might be hard for host Rob Lowe to balance that with the upcoming fifth season of 9-1-1: Lone Star, which will likely start filming in early summer or before. Nothing is concrete, though, but since the shows are on the same network, it probably makes things a bit easier.

Make sure to watch the exclusive clip above and tune in to the two-hour season finale of The Floor tonight, Feb. 27, starting at 8 p.m. ET only on Fox. All eight episodes are streaming on Hulu, with the final two available to stream tomorrow.


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