‘The Conners’ Celebrates Huge Milestone Next Week

‘The Conners’ Celebrates Huge Milestone Next Week

The Conners has a lot to celebrate next week. The ABC sitcom is hitting 100 episodes on Apr. 10, and even despite a rocky start as a Roseanne revival, it seems nothing is keeping this TV family down. OG Roseanne star Sara Gilbert, who portrays Darlene Conner on both the original series and The Conners, told TV Insider that the milestone is “pretty shocking. I think you never expect to make it that far. I certainly didn’t.”

In Season 6, Episode 10, “Smash and Grab and Happy Death Day,” after the hardware store experiences a “smash-and-grab,” Dan and Jackie nab one of the culprits. “Meanwhile, Beverly Rose learns a lesson in remembering loved ones who have passed while keeping their memories alive,” the official logline reads.

It sounds like the episode is going to be a very appropriate one for the milestone, and fans should expect some flashbacks. Considering it is the 100th episode, it’s not surprising to see that at least one character will be looking back at some memories. Adding on to the fact that that character is Beverly Rose, whose dementia has made it awfully difficult after previously disappearing. Seeing Estelle Parsons once more will be something to look forward to, even if the storyline is another heartbreaking one.

In regards to the milestone episode, executive producer Dave Caplan told TV Insider they “didn’t want to break the kitchen-sink reality that our audience expects, so it was another day in the life of our characters,” which makes sense. Of course, just because it’s just a regular day for the Conners, it doesn’t mean things will be going so smoothly. The smash-and-grab at the hardware store will actually be “revealing something about sister-in-law Jackie that even patriarch Dan was unaware of.” The revelation is reportedly tied to Jacki’s past as a cop, which was shown on the original series.

The 100th episode of The Conners is an event fans won’t want to miss, and it will surely be a treat for those who have also watched the original Roseanne. How the smash-and-grab is connected to Jackie’s past and what Bev goes through will be something to look forward to. Luckily, fans won’t have to wait long as the episode is right around the corner. Be sure to tune in to the 100th episode of The Conners next Wednesday, Apr. 10 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.


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