‘The Challenge’: Kyland Talks ‘Deep Wound’ Caused by Olivia’s Shocking Decision

‘The Challenge’: Kyland Talks ‘Deep Wound’ Caused by Olivia’s Shocking Decision

The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion kicked things up a notch for the “Conquest” phase of the game. For Kyland Young, who had been placed up for elimination numerous times this season, it was nothing new. However, even he was surprised by Olivia Kaiser’s decision not to save Nurys Mateo, which would have likely led to both Kyland and his ally, Horacio Gutierrez, being safe, as well. While chatting with PopCulture.com after the season, Kyland described just how much this betrayal hurt. 

Horacio and Nurys were understandably hurt by Olivia’s move, as they have been her “Ride or Die” and good friend, respectively. But, the decision also hit Kyland hard, as the two had gotten close this season. The Big Brother alum said that “it cut deep,” and added, “even though I knew that she was closer to Horacio and Nurys, like I didn’t come into the game with anybody as close to me, anyone I was as close to as I was to Olivia.”

Kyland went on to describe it as the “deepest wound I had.” and that it was “heartbreaking.” As viewers saw, Kyland confronted Olivia after she made the decision, speculating that she made it either because she was part of a master plan or “too dumb to know something that obvious.” He acknowledged that she owned up to the decision, but that it was “too little too late in the biggest way possible.” Even though he said that she attempted to switch places with Nurys, he called it an “empty gesture” and one that was especially hurtful given the move that her friend made during the previous elimination. 

This decision led to major ramifications for the rest of the game, including the elimination of both Kyland and Horacio, who were regarded as the top competitors in the house. Yet, Kyland is at peace with how everything worked out, especially as it paved the way for Nurys, who eliminated the two, to leave her mark in the game. 

“I think the fact that it did play out that way, and for sure, off day or not, she won. It’s not like we gave it to her by any means,” Kyland explained. “So, it just was, as people who care about her so much, I think that it is hard to regret anything when an outcome that we appreciate so much for someone we care about so much is what came to pass.”

The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion airs on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on MTV. Stay tuned to PopCulture.com for Challenge coverage all throughout Season 39. 


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