T-Pain’s Favorite Hobby Just Made Him 10x More Popular

T-Pain’s Favorite Hobby Just Made Him 10x More Popular

Grammy-winning rap crooner T-Pain is getting some major love from drift enthusiasts. The auto-tune king shared the exciting moment he picked up his custom Ford Mustang RTR from the car shop through social media.



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T-Pain Loves His Mustang RTR

Teddy Pain showed a new side of himself when he released footage with his newly upgraded Mustang. The special build was gifted to Pain by professional drift driver Vaughn Gittin Jr.

In the clip, the hip-hop icon gives his fresh ride a test drive by drifting it, attracting tons of compliments from both drift enthusiasts and old followers who liked him even more after seeing his driving skills.

I always thought T-Pain was a great artist, now he just moved up 10 notches on my belt! Guy can drive too! That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing!

That is so freaking dope. I love everything about that build. Gotta love T-Pain he’s not just an awesome artist he’s got awesome taste as far as his passions and hobbies go also.

T-Pain Joins The First Challenge

In other news, T-Pain recently followed after an online challenge Southern rap star Soulja Boy started by claiming he was the first at doing most things in hip-hop, by broadcasting his own achievements. In two Twitter posts, the Grammy-winning performer made his pitch to the world about how he came to be the first singer turned rapper.

“I’m the first singer to become the first rapper to become the first rappa ternt sanga!!!”

Pain turned things up a few more notches by even referencing R&B stars Chris Brown and Ne-Yo.

“I’m the first singer to sing on a song!!! @chrisbrown used to sleep on my couch!! @NeYoCompound used to eat my left overs on Christmas!! @TreySongz used to practice the light skinned face in a mirror in my basement!! Put some respect on big flake-o!!!”

Nappy Boy Launches A Podcast

In May 2021, PodcastOne announced they’ll be partnering with T-Pain to release a “Nappy Boy Radio” podcast show. When describing the motivation behind the partnership, the President described T-Pain as a charismatic personality that would draw an audience just from his authentic voice and commentary.

“At PodcastOne, we seek hosts who are charismatic and engaging with something to say that audiences want to hear.  T-Pain is all that and more. His innate curiosity and interest in the world around him and the people who live in it offers up endless possibilities for show content  and we cannot wait to launch Nappy Boy Radio with T-Pain.” (Deadline)

T-Pain Didn’t Know About Instagram’s Inbox

In April 2021, T-Pain discovered a new function through his Instagram requests inbox. The rap star revealed on IG that he didn’t know the inbox existed until now and that he’s missed about two years’ worth of direct messages. Many of those DMs were from artists trying to work with the hitmaking crooner.

“I swear!! I’m just now seeing all these messages and mentions TODAY!!!! How do I super apologize? Press conference? Town hall meeting? I’m dumb🤦🏿‍♂️”

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