Surviving Diddy: Cassie’s Abuse Allegations Against Diddy Are Latest In Flood of Shocking Accusations

Surviving Diddy: Cassie’s Abuse Allegations Against Diddy Are Latest In Flood of Shocking Accusations

Casandra Ventura, also known as Cassie, the singer and former girlfriend of business mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, has recently filed a $30 million lawsuit against him, accusing him of sexual and repeated physical abuse throughout their relationship. The explosive allegations made by Cassie have opened the floodgates for Diddy’s supposed downfall, on the heels of other prominent figures like Aubrey O’Day and Keefe D coming forward with their own damning claims. 

Surviving Diddy: Cassie Reveals Her Torture

In court documents, Cassie reveals horrifying details of the abuse she endured for years.  In court reports Cassie, whose legal name is Casandra Ventura, states,  “These beatings were witnessed by Mr. Combs’ staff and employees of Bad Boy Entertainment and Mr. Combs’s related businesses, but no one dared to speak up against their frightening and ferocious boss.”

Furthermore, the court files contain a shocking revelation of how Diddy threatened rapper Kid Cudi, who dated Cassie briefly in 2011.  Diddy told Ventura that he was going to blow up Kid Cudi’s car, and that “he wanted to ensure that Kid Cudi was home with his friends when it happened.” Around that time, Kid Cudi’s car allegedly exploded in his driveway.

Preceding other details in the court files, the R&B singer endured sexual abuse and physical abuse, where Combs often “punched, beat, kicked, and stomped,” on Casandra Ventura. Court documents state that Cassie is a victim of human trafficking, where she was forced to engage in sexual acts with male sex workers, while the encounters were filmed. The documents also reveal that she was introduced to a “lifestyle of excessive alcohol and substance abuse.”

Cassie Court Paperwork

Aubrey O’Day Tried To Warn Others 

Aubrey O’Day, a former member of Bad Boy Records girl group Danity Kane, attests to Diddy’s history of abuse.  In a 2019 interview with Variety Magazine, she stated “Puff is a very difficult person to work with,” O’Day says. “Everything had to be perfect. I remember times where he looked at my toenails and was like, ‘What is your third toenail doing? Go get that sh– fixed before you walk into a room.’ Or we would be in rehearsals performing an hour-and-a-half set over and over and he would walk in for five minutes with a camera and say, ‘Aubrey, why are you sweating? You look like a wet dog.’”

O’Day continued, “We were scared to death with what would happen with Puff each day,” she continues. “There was just no room for error. I experienced everything from race [remarks] to sexism and a lot of it was scary.”

In early September, O’Day explained that Diddy relinquished her publishing rights back, and that she was sent an NDA by the mogul, insisting her to never speak poorly of Bad Boy. 

Following the news of Diddy and Cassie breaking, Aubrey O’Day took to her Instagram story writing, “Been trynna tell ya’ll for years. Prayers up for this Queen @cassie.” She continued, “One day ya’ll are gonna put some respect on my name when I tell you things. Thank you!”  Another former Danity Kane member, Dawn Richard, encouraged Cassie for coming forward on social media.  She wrote, “praying for Cassie and her family, for peace, and healing. You are beautiful and brave.”

Keefe D Implicates Diddy In Tupac Murder

Keefe D, the alleged accomplice in the murder of Tupac Shakur, has made a confession implicating Diddy in the crime. According to Keefe D, Diddy hired them to carry out the hit on Tupac and Suge Knight, where he stated in the confession, “He’d [Diddy] give us anything for them dudes heads.”

Abuse Allegations In Hollywood

The Cassie vs Diddy allegations are the latest in recent revelations of abuse in the entertainment industry.  Keke Palmer revealed the physical abuse she endured in a two-year relationship with her ex-boyfriend, while Azealia Banks exposes producer Diplo‘s troubling history with young women, including herself.

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