Steelo Brim, ‘Ridiculousness’ Host, Starred in Keanu Reeves Movie as a Child

Steelo Brim, ‘Ridiculousness’ Host, Starred in Keanu Reeves Movie as a Child

Before Steelo Brim was the co-host of MTV’s long-running series Ridiculousness, he actually had a brief acting career. In his first-ever role, Brim appeared in Keanu Reeves‘ 2001 film Hardball. The sports dramedy followed a gambling addict and ticket scalper living an aimless life who reluctantly agrees to coach a Little League team from the Chicago projects as part of a loan agreement.

Brim had even discussed it on an episode of Ridiculousness years ago during Season 7 after Rob Dyrdek brought it up. He shared that it was because he was ranked in the state for baseball, so they brought him onto the movie, and he had a group line. Although Dyrdek says that he’s an actor, Brim assured him that he isn’t. He was merely “Boy Number 2,” or rather, just “Sterling.” He was just 13 years old when he was in the film, which is definitely impressive, even if it didn’t jumpstart his acting career.

(Photo: Daniel Kern/Getty Images)

As if that isn’t enough, Steelo Brim was even at the premiere. A bright-eyed teen with the rest of the kids at the premiere at Paramount Studios, coincidentally the day before 9/11. While it is unfortunate that Hardball didn’t give him more lines other than group ones or give him more roles, it seems like he is pretty okay with how his life turned out. Plus he did get to tell a pretty cool story growing up. How many kids are able to say that they were in a movie with Keanu Reeves?

Meanwhile, despite Brim saying that he does not have an acting career, IMDb credits would beg to differ. He’s appeared in multiple short films, such as Orange Drive, Scream: Killer Party, and About the People. He also was in an episode of Teenage Mountain Lion in 2012. He also lent his voice to the animated Nickelodeon series Wild Grinders, from Rob Dyrdek, in 2012 and 2013. Most recently, he appeared in the Netflix film The Perfect Find in 2023, so maybe his acting career is starting up once again.

Hardball is not available to stream anywhere, unfortunately, but hopefully it comes to a streaming service soon so fans can see Boy Number 2, or Sterling, in his acting debut. At the very least, Ridiculousness doesn’t seem to be going anywhere on MTV any time soon, so that is the best place to watch Steelo Brim.


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