Sophie Turner and Kit Harington’s New Movie: What to Know

Sophie Turner and Kit Harington’s New Movie: What to Know

Not only are Sophie Turner and Kit Harington reuniting on screen, they’re reuniting in a medieval period piece called The Dreadful. The new movie was announced last month in a report by Deadline. It is a horror film written and directed by Natasha Kermani and set during the War of the Roses – one of the main historical inspirations for Game of Thrones itself.

The Dreadful is a Gothic horror about a woman named Anne (Turner) and her mother-in-law, Morwen living “a solitary, harsh life on the outskirts of society.” Harington plays “a man from their past” who returns unexpectedly, leading Anne into a life-changing series of events. The movie is set during a civil war known as The War of the Roses, which waged in England from 1455 to 1487. Author George R.R. Martin has confirmed that it was a major inspiration for his writing, with the real-life House York and House Lancaster inspiring House Stark and House Lannister.

The Dreadful is written and directed by Kermani, best known for the 2020 horror film Lucky and part of the 2023 anthology film V/H/S/85, among others. So far Turner and Harington are the only cast members announced for the movie, and Turner will be a producer as well. Other producers include Patrick Muldoon for Storyboard Media, Greg Lauritano for Black Magic, Patrick Hibler and Lucas Jarach.

Turner made an Instagram post about this announcement, writing: “I mean we couldn’t NOT hang out again ya know.” The two were co-stars on all eight seasons of Game of Thrones and their characters spent a lot of time together in the final two seasons. Fans of the series were already hoping to see them together again, but ideally in Westeros. Many speculated that Turner would reprise her role as Sansa Stark in Harington’s proposed spinoff series, SNOW.

Game of Thrones ended in 2019 with the surviving characters scattering all over the world. Harington’s Jon Snow was banished north of The Wall, while Turner’s Sansa Stark was named Queen of the North – an independent nation. In June of 2022, fans learned that Harington himself had assembled a team of writers and pitched a sequel series to HBO centering around his character’s life in exile. Few details on the plot were revealed, but fans were quick to speculate about which characters might make appearances.

Many figured that Sansa would be involved to some extent, since she was the monarch of the nearest kingdom and was on good terms with Snow. However, at this point it’s not clear if this series is still in development. Some projects were “shelved” during the Hollywood labor strikes, and this may be one of them – especially since it is not based on any of Martin’s writing.

That means The Dreadful may be fans’ best chance to see Turner and Harington back together on screen anytime soon. It’s not clear when the movie might be coming out or where fans will be able to watch it.


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