Sophia Bush Sparks Hopes for a ‘One Tree Hill’ Reboot

Sophia Bush Sparks Hopes for a ‘One Tree Hill’ Reboot

Sophia Bush is not counting out a One Tree Hill reboot. The actress starred on the WB/CW series as fashionista and feminist Brooke Davis on all nine seasons. She still remains close to most of the cast, as she’s been doing rewatch podcast Drama Queens with co-stars Hilarie Burton Morgan and Bethany Joy Lenz. The series celebrated its 20th anniversary last fall, and this April will mark 12 years since it came to an end. With many reboots and revivals happening this days, Bush tells E! News, via Us Weekly, that an OTH revival may be possible, albeit with a twist.

“What I will say is I think for a long time our answer to that was a firm no, we were really ready to put it to bed,” Bush admitted. “And then with the girls and I deciding that that was our show and we deserve to reclaim it, now we’re like, ‘Well what would a feminist reclamation of our show look like? The podcast has brought us some joy and I think it has changed our answer collectively from ‘never’ to ‘never say never.’ I don’t have any answers from you, but things change over time.”

Considering the bad experience that Bush and much of the female cast had on One Tree Hill due to the abuse from creator Mark Schwan, it’s not surprising that she and others would be hesitant. However, it sounds like doing Drama Queens and reliving not just the bad but also the good that came out of OTH really has given her a new perspective. It would certainly be interesting to have One Tree Hill told in a different way, whether continuing the stories of the characters fans know and love or perhaps a new generation.

As for where Brooke Davis would be now, Bush went back to the Season 2 storyline when her character became Tree Hill High student body president. “I always joke that, you know, Brooke Davis running for class president really changed the trajectory of her whole life,” Bush shared. “I’d like to see her in elected office. I’d like to see her delivering an impassioned rant about what people deserve. I think that would really be up her alley.” Brooke was always one to advocate for herself and her friends and spoke about important issues such as body positivity. Even though the series ended with her still in fashion, it wouldn’t be surprising to know that she switched careers. Or perhaps was doing both at the same time.

Whether an OTH reboot or revival actually happens in the future is unknown, but it would certainly be interesting to watch. Fans can always go back and rewatch One Tree Hill on Hulu and theorize what a reboot or revival would look like.


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